Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?

Barbados Money Exchange

Barbados Money Exchange

I took about 750 Barbados dollars, hoping to stay here long enough to spend the money, this is about 375 USA dollars, in three days I have used half and decided enough of the fun.

I am spoiled, used to living in better conditions for 5 dollars per night.

However, my plane leaves at 7:30 tomorrow.

I have to exchange the money, there are almost zero places to do so.
The bank closes today at 3;00

The bank wants a passport and a copy of my ticket.
The two internet cafes over in the Gap, have broken printers, you would think for 9 dollars an hours they could get them to work. I found another one hiding, I am hoping it work. I am waiting for the printer to be available, it will cost me 10 dollars US to buy this plane ticket.

The lady finally said, ok to print. Aagh, I am ready for my normal backpacker life where everything is easy and beautiful.