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Barbados 29 HDI

Barbados 29 HDI

Barbados is 29 on the 2004 Human Development Index.

I am showing on this Human Development Index created in some United Nations program or committee. Hard to get a clear information as jumbled.

However, this is a throw at the wall, hope something sticks Index, definitely in my opinion something to use as a guide, not as way to give money. However, for sure it helps to get an idea of where I am going or what I am doing.

This all started for me because I purchased or tried to purchase some Banana Bread in the only Convenience store that is convenient in the area called the Gap (maybe) here in the South Beaches of Barbados. I fuddled around, takes a long time in the world of food stores anymore for me to find something I hope is healthy. Well, I found some Banana Bread, looked good to me, I was cringing at the cost, and however I was not going to buy more Raisins, the only good deal I have found in the Caribbean. I take this too big of chunk up to the cash register and the woman said something unintelligible like,
- This is bad -

She sort of mumbled, did not look at me, however then explains in a convoluted way the bread is bad. I thought she was complaining at me, as is the normal culture in most of the Caribbean. The locals are always telling you to do this or to do that, giving me orders for no reason. However, in this instance she was not doing the complaint thing, she was trying to help me.

I about fell over, star gazed, hit in the head, did not know what to do, I travel many places and for many years. I would not expect this to happen many places, maybe in Germany, possibly in England, if the person waiting on me was not from India, Pakistan or some Islamic country a born and bred in England person for generations.

I look at the woman, and I say,
- Thank You -

She goes into a spiel about I need to choose something else, and I go into this back to the drawing board, what can I eat mode. I say to her,

- That was really nice; it speaks very highly of your culture -

She did not understand that comment, probably hard to believe this white boy is giving her a compliment or even looking at here directly. I was impressed, in any of the countries I have traveled in below or to the side of Barbados, they would probably be happy and bag the bread quickly to make sure it left the store paid for and no refund under an condition. Refunds are not normal in the world.

I would say the lack of Convenience stores is a sign of development.

I have this ever growing list of characteristics that help to earmark or identify what is a developed country or on the continuum from 1-312 on the list of my countries of 1-672 on my list of geographical significant areas, where do certain behavioral characteristics lie.

I do refer to the this Human Development Index I have on PDF file inside my computer on occasion, I found it last year after Niger. I am pounding away, trying to accumulate these identifiers of what I call development.

ONE very obnoxious and ever present identifiers - NOT in Barbados - so far is the cutting of the lie or queue. This has not happened yet in Barbados, however I am sure it could or would in some locations. Human development is not for me about specific persons, it about the average of the general population. You have a lot of macho behavior on with this black versus white thing in the Caribbean; this skews or makes any observation hard to judge. I have to see if they will do behaviors to each other.

TAKE AWAY (England Term)


Cutting in the line has many forms, I am rich, I cut in line in Mexico, I am not paying attention to anything, I gut in line in many of the South American countries. There is no line and many people, we all go for the door in India.

The Caribbean has a new form, I am cutting in line, I am violent, I am pushing ahead of you. A very macho and only happens like this in maybe Mexico, I have not seen this type of behavior much in the world. Normally it is a lack of awareness of the concepts of justice, fairness, or a line in general. More like children going for the gate. However the cutting of the line in the Caribbean is maybe a USA version of the inner city behavior, get out of my way, or I will cause you big problem mentality.

This is one of the reasons I am jumping north, and not continuing farther or staying longer, this macho behaviors and the complain at me syndrome of these cultures. The Caribbean is about 5 degrees more violent than I am used to, so I can only tolerate the culture clash now maybe one month I realized. I will never come here again for long periods of time unless I hide myself inside a resort.

Cultural Clash is always a problem, however when persons do this Alpha Male, in your face, I am from the Ghetto mentality; I do not need to know more. I am from the USA; we have enough of this crap. I was hoping the Caribbean was like Brazil where the black and white thing is minimal; they do not figure out color, they just live with you. A more true homogenous behavior of the culture between races.

Bottom line is like to go to Rio, or Brazil, many beautiful black girls on the beach, very interesting, and exotic, this so far does not exist. A couple tokens, however not enough to classify as saying the black persons in Caribbean go to the beach, they do NOT.

Cuba has some hope; I think the English language causes some headaches, as they can understand the not so helpful Bob Marley and they can copy the Gangster Rap of the USA. Cuba speaks Spanish and so does Puerto Rico, this could get rid of the black and white problem here in most of the Caribbean. It is not normal for me to feel discriminated against by people, I can feel their anger, and unjustified complaints at me, and I cannot be bothered as the Brits say. I can go somewhere else.

However, for sure, this decade, in this life, I will come back to Barbados with a girlfriend, wife, or someone, the chase girls here situation is more or less bleak, however there is some areas here that need to be explored. I am done probably for life with the prior countries on the list below here to Trinidad, I have as much desire to visit as Venezuela, it about the zero on my want a return visit countries on the planet. I wish it was not in the path or in the way to getting to other countries.

Barbados is a go, I will return, however best for honeymoons. Many British girls, however not my cup of tea, I like them in England, however outside or - Brits Abroad - act too, not what I want in this life.

There is only about 177 countries listed in this Human Development Index, it is amazing how the United Nations fails to be even close to complete in surveys of the planet. I figure around 312 countries and 672 geographically significant places. Nonetheless, Barbados is doing fine, nothing to worry about here; the Brits have left a pretty good place in their wake.

Comparisons 1 is the best and is Norway

Antigua Barbuda 055
Bahamas 051
Barbados 029
Cuba 052
Dominica 095
Dominican 098
Grenada 093
Haiti 153
Trinidad Tobago 054
Jamaica 079

Argentina 034
Bolivia 114
Brazil 072
Chile 043
Colombia 073
Ecuador 100
Guyana 104
Paraguay 089
Peru 085

Costa 045
Guatemala 121
Honduras 115
Mexico 053
Panama 061
Thailand 076

Note Argentina is greatly over estimated and so is Chile, they ignore their lower sections and hide them from the obvious. They are obviously there, however people that visit do not try to see the whole culture, keep their blinder on and see only the more developed parts. A country is the overall average, not just the best.