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Arrived in Grenada

2006-02-09 12:19:00


I am in the first Island north of Trinidad and Tobago now, I arrived about an hour ago, and opted to live in the Mitchells Guesthouse on Tyrell Street. The taxis at the Airport were outrageously priced and were asking 50 Grenada or about 25 U.S. for what I would have paid 5 or 10 U.S. in Trinidad, I shared a taxi, however the tourist went to a resort and were not really going to St. Georges so more or less in a somewhat different direction, not sure yet what we did or how I arrive here, my map would seem to point that I came from the opposite direction however I am lost. I am in the main city area of St George and happy to be in this area. I decided on the Mitchells Guesthouse even though it cost more than many of the guesthouse on my list because I do not want to live outside the information cure of this area. I have only seen a few tourist and the driver said the beach only has people when a cruise ship comes into the harbor, this is not what I wanted to hear. However I doubt the taxi driver ever goes and sunbathes in the sun and probably only goes to the beach once per month with his children.

Janice and Chris from Canada, however look Caribbean went to a place called Gems, they highly recommend the place and I had to say that 80 U.S.A dollars is a lot of money for me to stay alone, away from the main city and isolated. They were great people however on the two week tour and not on the 52 week tour like me, therefore on the normal tourist fare way of looking at things. Mrs. Matchless says there is an internet cafe down the street, I hope she is correct because I have been in bleak internet zone when in Port of Spain, I have not seen very many of them and suspect they will be few and far between.

MITCHELLS  - Why, because it is in the Lonely Planet, therefore hope there would be some people in the Hotel. Nope, strike one, nobody in this place, I feel alone, maybe they are out roaming streets, where is the world full of bikinis?

I am safe and sound, paying 32 dollar U.S.and she seems to like U.S. dollars for a night with a shared bath, the room is good, however the plugs are the obnoxious square ones from England, I had to jimmy the ground to get my round Germany 220 type one to enter, then I plugged in my normal slotted.