3 Boats from Union Island to St Vincent

3 Boats from Union Island to St Vincent
Ferry or Boat Union Island

I am flying from Union Islands in the south of the county of St Vincent and The Grenadines. However, I discovered when checking out of the Clifton Hotel from the lady there are two more boats than I knew about. The lady asked,

- Are you leaving on the Gem Star? -

Hard to understand her, the English is a different language, however we finally clarified and she wrote down there were three boats that go north from Union Islands, I am not sure which days, or clearly the times, I think they all leave more or less in the early morning of 8:30.

M.V. Barracuda

M.V. Rita

M.V. Gem Star

The M.V. I believe she said means Motor Vehicle, however still hard to understand, she wrote it down as M V, I am not sure after that.

I believe you can get a boat or ferry, I think more or a cargo boat for 40 EC and I think it take 4 hours to go to St Vincent. Probably a much better way to know what the island group looks like, then again a low flying propeller plane like the one I am flying on, could see a lot also.

The three boats or ferries are going north or probably south from the major ends of the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

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