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220 110 Electricity

220 110 Electricity

It is normal for me to change back and forth between 220 and 110, in reality, the changes are almost negligible for me, I notice, however I do not care. However, I have started to care and notice, a little from fear, a little from confusion; I am subliminally noticing and now actively noticing and observing, getting curious, exploring and trying to figure out what they are doing here in the Caribbean or presently St Vincent and The Grenadines.

Electricity Evolution

There are two major types of plugs, one I would call the slotted or the USA version.

Second is the German or 220 types.

Round European 220 Type of plug.

This is an adapter that converts a round plug to a slotted plug; you can use a pencil or key and use this plug in an English plug outlet. You push into the ground and it will open the square type English plug below.

The third of note, not of much value, however impossible to avoid is the England version of electrical plugs. It is a square thingy and obnoxiously proper in probably electrical theories. I would say the English version is the best from a safety, theory, how to use, make sure you do it - PROPER - many of thinking. However, it is also the most complicated and difficult to work around in a way, not really; however, it can stump a person until the figure out the concept of the English Plug.

I am on the Island of St Vincent; I just left the Island of Union both in the country of St Vincent and The Grenadine. Here on Saint Vincent I plugged in my one cup coffee cooker and it took a long time to heat the water, it takes longer with 110.

I then had stopped in the store and purchase what I assumed is a 220 Light bulb as mine blew when I think a 110 Light bulb was on a 220 circuit on Union Island. I am trying to use the light here and it is very dim. What an unusual maze of electricity, I am seeing what I believer are some huge inverters or converters, I am not totally clear, I think they call it an converter when it takes 220 and drops it down to 110, nonetheless, there are some huge coil like units that seem to change it from 220 to 110.



Electrical engineering device converting current: a device that changes direct current into alternating current and is commonly used on boats to operate devices such as radios from batteries


1. reverse arrangement: to reverse the order, position, or arrangement of something

2. make opposite: to change something to its opposite or contrary.


1. technology device that converts: a device that converts something, for example, an electrical device that converts alternating current into direct current.

There is a small danger here, not a huge danger; I have a computer that goes both 220 and 110 by the little transformer. Aagh, another word.

Inverter or Converter cluster here in Kingston St Vincent and the Grenadines, it somehow makes 220 into 110.


1. electricity device for changing electrical energy: a device that transfers electrical energy from one alternating circuit to another with a change in voltage, current, phase, or impedance

I think the computer one takes either 220 or 110, then changes it to 19 Volts or something more or less this way, I am not sure if AC or DC - Alternating Current or Direct Current, I would guess alternating current because my computer is not grounded in a normal 12 Volt way.

How this is danger is for a tourist that must have the cheaper devices like a hair dryer, an electrical heater, or maybe an electric razor, I also think a TV. Most of these devices are sold to be used in a 110 country or a 220 country. Modern Electronics like a Video Camera, Cell phone or Computer are sold to work with both systems interchangeable and the converter, inverters cause more problem when used when not needed. My computer is for sure both and I believe any computer manufactured that is a LAPTOP, not a desktop is interchangeable. On the back of the little black box on the cord or inline on the cord will say something like 240-110 or something I have no clear memory.

This is the transformer box that is in the line of the electrical wire of a laptop computer; on the back of the box are instructions on how it works with both 220 and 110.

This is the close up of it saying the electrical 100 to 240 Volts

What a bunch of work by accident, a complete thought it difficult to have in life. I find that I think, trace the threads of ideas, concepts down the line, a chain of events. Slowly I put together all the essential facts, data, information in a curious project together in my head until I am clear. However, than the problem is all the photos, information I have collected and scattered in many locations, randomly collected, however there and could be if I had the time grouped together and explained in one internet page. However, there is only so much of my life or my curiosity I wish to explain. I know that I am endlessly curious; however, I am not endlessly motivated to explain. What a person will do to explain for money has a limit. I would for about 50 Cents per hour, I will earn if I am very lucky about 80 Cents USA for putting all these photos on a page, if I am extremely lucky I will make that for maybe 4 year, therefore I will make about 2 dollars per hour.

NOW, if I would write about Besquia, Island I will probably make more, however I am not working for money, I am working for the sake of curiosity. I love my job, I like to be curious and somehow carve out a notch of small amount of money. I do know, as I believe a person who takes curiosity and tries to apply it for their whole life will eventually find a position or way to earn enough to survive. If a person can translate this energy to money is a marvel, to actually stay the course is almost impossible. There is zero instant gratification therefore against basic human nature to continue. I guess I am saying there may be a nobility of spirit is some persons like Einstein or Edison who had the curiosity to hold on a belief that they could solve some problems, with no expectation of reward, no logical basis on how they would achieve, or and real belief they could accomplish something. Often not sure why they was proceeding, however just for the sake of curiosity they continued, with a by-product of inventing, discovering or clarifying many issue.

Enough, I have a headache; I need a Sine-aid tablet.