Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?

2006-01-11 05:40:00

Do not order on the internet before you leave.

I ordered a camera from, I really wanted this cybershot waterproof camera from Sony, just like the one I had before.

Very durable and great to use, perfect for me as a traveler, the price was 76 dollars or something because it was discontinued... I am on back order waiting for them to figure out what day it is, I am not sure they can figure that out. I have to laugh, I chatted for one hour the other day, copy and pasted the whole chat and sent to them.

They keep re-assuring me they have my order ( MY MONEY )
I want to know do you have my CAMERA...

BOTTOM LINE I SHOULD NOT ORDER SOMETHING FROM A WEB-SITE UNLESS I HAVE FIVE WEEKS - I was going to order this from the Philippines and pro-procrastinated.

I am paid the 36 Dollars for Next day Saturday delivery.
Please show the refund as it is now SIX days.

I am not happy, I WANT THE CAMERA.

However, I am flying to Bogoto, Colombia today, I will not return to the USA for 5 months or so, I knew I should have check better. You webpage showed they are discontinued and the last in stock, however now you say they are on back order. I will just let this run as I really do like this Sony Waterproof camera.

I would buy two if I knew you could send them.

I have nobody to talk to, chatted with you boy in India, sent you the email.

These are form letter responses, I can tell and feel it.

I know you have the order, I do think you have forgotten to read the past post or emails before you sent this.

Andy xxxxx


Thank you for choosing
a Ritz Interactive website

We just wanted to let you know that we have your order and have
not forgotten you.

We will ship the order as soon as the products are received from
the manufacturer.

You can check the status of your order at any time using our online
Order Status page link below and entering your order number and last

Order # xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sold To ME

Thanks for your patience and for shopping with

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