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White Christmas

2006-01-07 05:49:00

White Christmas

I am not so sure I am fond of the White Christmas; this is the first time I have been home for Christmas in nine years. Cold is not a great benefit in life, although there is a correlation between cold and rich economies, I am wondering, will the worlds people eventually live where they wish?


I have started to sense the future of the Internet, the world is getting smaller. This is because we can travel easy; therefore, soon every person on the planet will travel outside the country. It would make sense for the USA to require every citizen to have a passport, it could be the Identification system needed by the Homeland Security.

However it is apparent in the USA that the Cell telephone is more important than the Internet, and when I am in an English country and think of value in an English country is obvious to me the Internet is a big telephone book with brochures and the cell phone is how I would ask questions. I am able to do buy high tech products 50 times easier than over the internet, however sadly I can go to the internet when I know which product to buy and purchase for 30 percent cheaper.

I guess I go to the internet to learn some cursory knowledge, call on a cell phone to get clear, and bottom lines, return to the internet to purchase. Alternatively, maybe somewhere in the process go into a store and have someone explain all the differences.

I had a conversation with a Satellite Telephone person in Chicago yesterday, in the end I have figure out this, for me the BGAN system of internet access is probably what I need. Cost presently is about 3000 Dollars per year. 2000 for the toy and a 50 dollar fee per month, then I am going to pay a per minute charge.

However if a person wants to go live on an Island for maybe 4000 dollars per year they can communicate with the world, and this will probably drop 30 percent every year.


I have been getting really concerned for person that want to buy land outside the USA, with the ability to live anywhere, why does a person have to buy. I think there is a need mentally to capture and control that supercedes any common sense. I was a real estate broker and for me there is zero reasons presently to buy land in another country for personal use, maybe about 2 percent reasons to buy land for business. Many people say to buy land to have a Hostel, I personally am trying to figure out which countries I trust, maybe about 5-10 on the planet, the most expensive on the planet.