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2006-01-13 15:11:00

Platypus Bogot�
Friday January 13, 2006, 3:27 AM

Platypus Bogot�
I am sitting on a very cold floor outside the Kitchen Area of the Platypus Bogot� Hostels in Colombia; of course, it is the city of Bogot�. It feels strange to return to Bogot� or to be away from Southeast Asia, there is always something left behind, it feels like I forgot to do something.

3:27 AM in the morning is a very difficult time for me in any Hostel in any country. Hostels are known for Party and Dorm beds, not for persons like me who wake very early often too early. I have remnants of jet lag and do not fight with this; if I am lying in bed and cannot sleep, I wake up and go do something.

However presently with the temperature, around 55 degrees Fahrenheit or somewhere close it is difficult to relax on this floor. I want to leave soon, I talked about two hours yesterday with German my friend, and we discussed guidebooks, the future of guidebooks and how to collect information for a guidebook.