Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago
Written while in Bogot�, Colombia
Friday January 13, 2006, 4:07 AM

Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad has this entry requirement; it says I need an onward or return ticket to enter the country. I have never had this enforced by the country; however, the travel agency or airlines enforce it sometimes, they may not allow me on a plane without the proper ticket.

I just read the Venezuela requirements and it says the same, however I have entered Venezuela and not had a problem. Land travel is so much easier than airplane travel; they can really put you between a rock and a hard spot with an airplane ticket. If they do not let me on the plane I lose money, however by land they just do not care when you come to a border, stamp you and let you go, too many people to sit around figuring out all this noise on persons they know do not want to live in their country.

I talked yesterday with Elkin at the STA travel office here in Bogot�, he is nice and I think is trying to help, however it behooves him to sell the onward ticket and maybe is pushing this idea just to sell the ticket. I will try today to talk with the not so good airline called Aero Postal from Venezuela that flies to Port of Spain, maybe they can help me, a problem more often than not become a problem because we read too much into the situation or are looking for a problem.

If I can walk into an airlines and buy the ticket of Port of Spain.

No problem, I am not going to try to find a problem, anyway I can enter the country is fine with me, I am from the USA, therefore I have one of them fortunate passports that they normally just look at and pass on through.

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