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Trinidad Airport

Trinidad Airport
Friday January 20, 2006, 4:07 AM

Trinidad Airport
I am not sure what time it is, however it about time for the ticket counter to open here in Port of Prince, Trinidad Airport. I slept the last night in the airport after arriving from my Bogota-Caracas-Trinidad flight at 9:20, clearing customs and finding there were no more flights for the night. Craig has been telling me by email that Port of Prince or PoS as everyone seems to write that it is dangerous, the taxis are a little expensive I heard also, they are either 30 dollars U.S. or 30 Dollars Trinidad Dollars to the city. If the Trinidad money not so bad. However, it was safer for me to sleep in the airport than to go with this new type of taxi drivers.

I was told they speak English, however more the country of India English and I think maybe they speak French. I feel like I am in a Richer version of Niger, however more dangerous than Niger country. Everyone that is working is African decent or India decent, I must look close to see the difference, as the Indian are also the very dark versions.

I am told the ticket counter for Tobago opens at five.
I need to go check, they are mucking around there and the woman did not seem to understand my English. Better, go checkā€¦