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Travel Guidebooks

2006-01-13 15:12:00

Travel Guidebooks
Bogot´┐Ż Colombia

Friday January 13, 2006, 3:49 AM

The Travel Guidebooks are in a fight with the internet presently, I am not sure what the future will bring or who will win. I am expecting that there is not winner and both carve out a place for themselves. Writers are probably in some ways the losers; it is possible that the random postings of travelers will become the source for all guidebooks. Many people wish to contribute information however this is complicated to file or control, they wish to do what they wish to do and not be hampered.

German of the Platypus is special because he has both traveled for 15 years around the planet and owned a Hostel for many years. He had listened to the travelers and been a traveler, this is a special person for me to learn from, and he can answer questions nobody else on the planet has a clue about.

I need to plan my future, try to choose a path for my websites and where they should go in the future. Talking with German helps me suss out or anticipate the future. There is no super human, all knowing person who determines the future of how Travel will be managed in the future on the internet; it is just a randomly devised road, with a few good hunches. I am trying to hedge my bets by talking to an expert; I know very few travel experts.