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Tobago Beach Life Photos

Tobago Beach Life Photos

This is the Crown Point Beach, free and closest to the Tobago Airport, like jumping out of the plane and you can walk straight from the plane to this small beach cove.

Some of the local talent, maybe not, however on the weekend the local person came out during the week it is almost only tourist. The age is older, not that many youths, this is not a young person country in my opinion, this is more a retired go to the resort and hide country.

Trouble on the beach.
I was laughing and observing or trying to understand the methods of this man. I was using my Sony Camera, longer than normal lens, a camera case on my chest, walking around perusing the area, trying to take all the photos here. The time is about 9:45 in the morning on Sunday, the internet café opens at 10:00 AM, therefore I was walking around with my GPS and larger camera taking some photo before the drunks from last night wake up.

This guy hollers something not clear,
- Give me you camera, I will take a movie -

The gist is to come over and let him help.
He is doing the punk you out, take you by guilt approach, a macho form or intimidation and very difficult and amusing. He did this in front of person, the test is on, and will I pay attention to the derelict person. It is too early for this brashness; he is on the prow, predatory in nature, looking for a soft mark. Of course most and he is correct all us white-boys have lot of respect for human life, believe that all person have the right to be listened too, this make us a soft target. This come here, a wave of the hand method is extremely normal here, the statement is this.

IF you will come over, then I got you, I did the look at yourself a#*Hole look, gave him the nod, said hold there. I will take you photo fool, then gave him the shake of my head back turned and gave him my back. I could here the comment, hehehe, what fun, the world is a macho type A, Alpha Male place, this guy is a nothing, needs whacked side the head. I am amazed the police are not patrolling these areas. It is dangerous for the normal naïve traveler. I am told at Pigeon Point you can pay 18 TT Dollars and go to the beach maybe that is where they have protection. You have the resort and outside the resort areas.

Up about one block away from this idiot are very nice persons on the corner, trying to invite person to go to a small open Church, smile and simplicity, clarity of feeling. Obviously trying their best. I come out in the early morning to walk around, normally these persons are still sleeping, maybe he never went to bed. There does seem to be a normal situation of people partying all night.

Que Guapa

As I am still thinking in Spanish, translated as…
How Beautiful!

I did the sneak photo, I was taking a close up of a nude girl sand statue on the beach, and then raise up looked at the screen, NOT the viewfinder, which is as if pointing a gun, zoomed tighter on her.

There are some pretty girls on the beach, I am not sure it is safe to talk with them or what is the less danger of the day situation. The locals men, not the women seem to be hostile, for instance if you do not rent a chair, the boy stood In the middle of the sand where I was going to put my blanket. I had to nudge or back into him to say, get out of the way. This type of direct violent behavior is outrageous and not needed the government of Tobago and Trinidad is negligent with the tourism. Extortion by guilt ns normal, physically being in the way is not normal. I have a feeling this is the flavor of the Caribbean. NOW, very easy to avoid, just pay money, pay too much money, go along with the flow, make sure you let them make you a victim and you will have no problems. The sales methods for this beach can easily make me say, skip this beach, not a hang around or - LIME - the local saying for hanging around beach. I am only on beach one and hope the flavor of the private beaches is better. The lonely planet is almost worthless with sussing out a backpacker hotel or how to travel around. Transportation is notoriously skipped or neglected in the - Lonely Planet Caribbean - it to me it the give-up-pay-a-lot method, not the - On a Shoestring - mentality as is the motto of the Lonely Planet books. Yep, nothing on the front of the book says,
- On a shoestring -

Normal of with a sack on the head, nylon stock holding them.

This was a great man, probably to me of India heritage, his sand whatchamacallit is too graphic for prime time blogging, however he is great. Performed this very fast and with happiness.

This is a loving couple walking into the water, he is helping her.

A group came from outside the local area to the beach. They were playing this game of pantomimes or he is acting out or trying to explain something with his body movements. It was fun and in good spirit, there was clarity of here, obviously having a great day.