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The Road Ahead by Bill Gates

2006-01-09 04:32:00

The Road Ahead by Bill Gates
- The efficiency of asynchronous communications -
Quote from the forth chapter of the book the road ahead by Bill Gates founder of one of the greatest wonders of the planet, Microsoft.

When I answer the telephone, I must be in synch or sychonized with you, my life stops for me to react to your phone call.

When I write an e-mail it is asynchronous, I can write and you can read and reply when it is convenient for you, this is what I believe will happen on TV very soon. A person will be able to record all the stations he or she wishes and play them back anytime they wish. Now you can record you soap opera and play back later, in the future we will be able to record all shows on all channels and play back as we wish, asynchronous tv watching.

How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life, another book I read...

Caller Id
Answering Machines
Voice Mail

This about a person wanting to be in control, they do not want to react, I am in agreement with the idea of stress management, however I am not in favor with this dysfunctional behavior of hiding and trying to control all things, a brave person manages the world as it happens, not at some later date or totally avoids.

Bill Gates with his concept of - asynchronous communications - was genius, and inspiring to me, he was talking about a way for me to have zero stress. However something is going wrong, I am not sure, it seems to not make us more productive, however less.

- Asynchronous communications -

This means I can queue up my communications and answer in the order or priority they came at me, and not avoid. I am presently getting about 200 emails per day, 50 percent are junk, 25 percent are I guess new or information I collect type mail, the other 25 percent are more ore less personal and I want to respond, not I do not have that much time, or I often do, but I sit on the computer and write emails offline, then go to the internet cafe and send.

What is happening is the world is closing this ability, they keep blocking my asynchronous communications with the world, they put limits on my ability to use the internet.

I am amazed that they will stop me from sending more than 50 emails at one time, it is not hard to be in the jungle for 5 days, come out and have 100 emails to send or upload, why would I want to be online, I am in the jungle. The system is meant to work online or offline, however this is not the case, I am finding, I am forced to work with a connection. This is really silly, I do not need to be connected to type, I have a computer, I work as Bill Gates told me was possible or going to be possible... Asynchronous communications -

Why am I feeling like I am always running the gauntlet, I have to constantly figure out the new paranoia tools like Norton Anti-Email Systems or they are going crazy. The Anti-Spam paranoia has stopped communications, and they do not tell you, so you do not know what even happened, they stopped and email from coming to you, and you never know you had a problem.

- asynchronous communications -
Bill Gates, they are working against your dream.

I want to go to the jungle, come back and send 200 - 400 emails, I can do more, I want the Inmates to stop running the Asylum as another books says.