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Positive versus Negative Blog

Positive versus Negative Blog
Monday January 30, 2006, 6:19 AM

In a conversation, Craig said he did not want to become a blogger that tells or warns everyone about all the problems in a country. I guess he does not want to be a big monologue of the country.

That prompted me to ask the nervous question,
- Is my blog negative? -

He said,
- No, not at all -

More or less, he said it had a good balance; I am amiss on how I can have a positive life or a negative life. Not writing about negative things will not change a negative day into a positive day. The way I have a positive day is to not talk with he locals´┐Ż hehehe, that was a joke, however in many ways true. The way I have a positive day is to disconnect or unhook from anyone that is negative immediately upon learning they are an emotional vampire of full of backhanded insults prevalent in the British Lager Heads and German Rasta Heads. Maybe in the American Woman who believes I am suppose to walk on eggshell around her and treat her like a man.

There are some stereotypes that I am acutely aware of that they can be a problem, I do not normally avoid them, however the off switch is in my hand and ready to be used, I do not give them an open mind or any second chances. I have only today with this person and I am not going to lose it to prove I am open-minded. I am very closed-minded about my desire to listen to negative person or emotional vampires. I do not need to listen to dysfunctional person to know or provide them a fair chance. I am in the business of entertaining myself on a daily basis.

Craig read many blogs, has a good understanding of the internet and was reading them to prepare to travel for a very long time.

He did say that most just started and then dropped off, never finished what they started; this would be what I expected. Most travelogues are done after the fact, I think and not while they are traveling. To write daily while traveling is outside the normal nature of persons, I am awake at 6 or 7 in the morning daily, not just Monday through Friday, everyday of the week, I get up and move around. I do not always type on the computer; however, it is part of my day.

Night is a time of the day when a person is interrupted or had options and choices. It is not free time, it is used time normally, and it has to compete with the world. I guess if a person had a son or daughter who said they was going to leave the country and blog every day, if this person woke in the morning everyday at 7:00 AM and worked on their computer than they may do this regularly, however if they like to party all night, then stay up all night on the computer´┐Ż hmmm, not likely, they have more opportunity to party traveling and the competition is fierce.

Yes, what happens is a person gets off to a quick start and then burns out fast, I am going to be interested to see how Craig does or proceeds, he does not have a computer and this is amazing to me, as it is obvious he is addicted to computers. Probably a good idea however he has removed his highest and best way to make money.

Now, I have a domain by the name of HoboBlogs.com, what I just wrote above and below helps me think through how to make a blog system that could be maintained and utilized by a traveler while they travel, blogging helps me to think through a questions and answers, this is valuable to me as I have many projects.

Positive or Negative, that is not important, I try to remember I am recording my real travel life, not how I want it to be. One reason I do not read much travel literature it all seems like fairy tales to me, I like to read Wilbur Smith for fiction, it is closer to real life.

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