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Port of Spain Hotels Trinidad


Port of Spain Hotels Trinidad

The rooms in Port of Spain are over-priced and not a good value, hard to find rooms correctly priced around the 80-100 TT range or maybe 10-15 Dollars for a single person, it almost demands that you have two people to get the price reasonable when shared.

The Lonely Planet gets you in the right area, however for the budget area in recommending the more expensive ones for the area.

The Port of Spain Hotels or maybe Guesthouses are centered around the streets of Tragarete Road and Maraval Road, there are about 10-20 large homes or modified homes that now are guesthouse, and my feeling is at Carnaval Time many homes suddenly have rooms to rent for exorbitant prices. The prices now are exorbitant if in reality a normal job here in for a grocery store or labor is only about 10 dollars per day. Then something it out of whack on the prices. However they all in this area start at about 28 and go to 40 per night for a double or single room, they are all the same, better in this area to travel with another person. The great part is Tobago the main Island of beaches and of interest has room for about 20 Dollars for a single room, and will go down to about 10 if you had the time to search. A person can fly into Port of Spain, Trinidad, book a ticket over the internet with Liat Airlines or the Tobago Express, go to Tobago, and skip Port of Spain. There is a lot of noise about the danger of Port of Spain; however, I think the white people are just afraid of black people. Craig and I have now walked around this area in the day two times on many streets from the Maxi-Van terminal to the Center of the Backpacker Universe at Tragarete Road and Maraval Road.

We have seen no internet and this is very strange, this is a problem, the internet is not readily available and you will need this to book tickets on the internet with Liat Airlines, I suppose you could walk to their office and book one, however easier probably with the internet.

Danger, I suppose a person should not walk around in this area at night, especially with money in their pocket or with all their bags. Strangely this is what you would almost have to do to enjoy Carnaval, this area is an enigma. There has to be better housing in the Port of Spain area somewhere on a Maxi-Van or H Maxi-Van Route that could lead where you want to go, the path to the airport is my desire, it is not clear how to go to the Airport on one of the early flights.



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