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Nothing Stops for Me

2006-01-05 07:41:00

Nothing Stops for Me

It is amazing to me, I could go to the Moon and nothing would stop.

I would really like to have the world stop and talk, I like to travel because people will sit around and talk with me. In the USA, nothing stop for me, everyone just keeps on barreling by me, never changing any plans or trying to slow it down to let me listen to them. They will gladly share the same space or home dinner, Christmas celebration, however to get a real good intimate conversation where I learn about them and they learn about me is considered, in my empath sort of feeling way.
- Invasion of my privacy -

Damn, I am their friend, Uncle, Cousin, etc, if I do not have a right to ask some person questions, then who does.

I believe the dues need paid, I have to sit in the same city and live. They did not talk to me more when I was living here, they just think they did.

I could even type a really nasty message about my Sister, Brother or any of my friends in Indiana, and they do not read this, so what is the point.

Never underestimate the ability of a person to ignore another person, it is not hard to see why people get divorced, they never got married, they was just sharing the same space without talking.

I can see it now.
I ask my wife, if I had one.
- You want to go with me to Africa? -
- No, go ahead, and when you come back, I will not be here. -