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2006-01-02 08:00:00

NGO Watchdog by

I was driving home from Fort Wayne, Indiana the other day, I realized....
When the chaos of countries like the Philippines stops working my brain, I can figure out what I am thinking and feeling.

The Malnutrition problem in Niger hurt me, I can act or think it did not, however I know there are people dying in Niger, India, and many countries for silly reasons.

Some of the problems you can solve and others you cannot, however in Niger, I think this is an absolutely ridiculous situation. There are millions of dollars being raised to help this country and I feel or believe that 95 percent of the money is being wasted and creating beggars of the country.

What can I do, Niger hurt me, made me frustrated, I think I know, I hope I know, maybe I know the solution. Arrogance to the max, however I do believe I know how to fix the problem.

I am presently looking for a laboratory with maybe Purdue University here in Indiana that could help me analyze the foods of Niger, then we can go to step two.

I have purchased the domain yesterday, January 1, 2006, not functioning yet, to start going after this 95 percent of money wasted.

I am still working on this project and am trying to figure out how to raise 250,000 dollars to go try and fix this problem of Malnutrition in the country of Niger. I can probably get it from the NGO's if I play my cards right.

I do NOT mean to save the people from dying in the next 5-10 years, I am trying to figure out how to stop the people dying 5-10 years from now. They need to grow some vegetables and fruits in this country, and it will take about 5-10 years if they started today before the crops are abundant enough to dent the problem and 25 years before a big impact.

This problem has existed for 100 years and probably always.

Presently the NGO's in the country seem to be raking in the money, and not putting into works a long term solution.

I can never forget in a small bar in Niamey a man said to me,
"Remember Andy, NGO's are a business."

That is a stinger...

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