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My Love Hate Relationship with Lonely Planet

2006-01-13 19:43:00

My Love Hate Relationship with Lonely Planet

I am reading a book published by Lonely Planet called - Travel Writing -. German my friend and owner of the Platypus Bogota Hostel asked me to read it and give him my opinion. I use a Lonely Planet guidebook an amazing amount of time, 90 percent to find Hotels and the other because of maps and history. I find their writers annoying, except for the one writer that did Thailand, he understand me, the traveler, or the plot.

There is a man in the Hostel that was saying things like the USA is - Insular -, was saying the new trendy comments about Bush, that he is the Terrorist, blah, blah, boring, nothing new to add to this tired story. Same old story and another pasty Brit face, cheeky, no color, needs to read his is in the Tropics.

Then I am reading this book. Lonely Planets to me is not about writing, they are the first, best compilers or digesters of cheap travel advice, where a bum can sleep with hippies.

Nonetheless they have collected, compiled, or organized a lot of facts like terms, definitions, - what is freelance - where to submit - and all the normal noise you would expect in a book for person that want to write. This is then embedded into my interview with famous travel writers, with standardized question.

So what word is reaccurring and obnoxious, about like the writers of Loneyly Planet.


These famous people, only about three I know, I hate to read travel writing, I read Clancy, Micherner, and Wilbur Smith, adventure with good guys and bad guy they kill. Well they all say not to be...


I hope that word is picked up by the spell checker, I am sure the word Cliche has a littel mark on its face.

However predictable, cliche, comments like - breathtaking - any comment that you can see coming a mile away is not good, in the view of many famous, however not know by me writers. Do not be Cliche. This is the part of Lonely Planet I do not like, they are predictable, if you can be anti anything, anti-globalization, in favor or Michael Moore, boringly lacking in an novel perspective then the Lonely Planet will say it in the anti trends of the days. Made perfect for a mamma paid vacationer with the new Ipod connected to their brain with music they stole off the internet without one grain of remorse they are denying their favorite anti-establishment singer money to buy an extra groupie.

The guy on the couch is Cliche, I love you Lonely Planet, you exposed me to the proper term as said by famous however not known by me writers, and many a cheap hotel, not to be confused with cheap women, however not a bad spin.

Now if they could find the orginal voice they must have had at one time, teachers, mentors, free to roam this Lonely Planet voice writers.

Travel is Lonely, like a one night stand with a girl that does not know enough to leave, maybe you are glad you took the trip, however where are all my best friend. Someone tell her leave...

Bogota is freezing, it is about 2500 meters above sea level, no heat, hot showers you never want to leave and cold concrete. Girls with roundness and firmness, an ever present idea you could find some sniff as the boy in the Hostel said today. I think the drug tourers are in the wrong place, they need to go to Bolivia. Colombia is overated for danger, not enough.

It is Lonely to hide under a blanket, in a concrete room, knowing the only hope was squashed when that Norwegian girl looked at you like you was too old.

I am proud to say, I really cannot be bothered to be a travel writers, they all are complaing because it does not pay... I am doing extremely well... Thank you...

Only one has recommended so far, I am not finshed with the book, and I do not count well, I skim this stuff, however the bottom line, they left out the recommendation, except for one writer, to be a travel writer you need to... (Guess?)

One recommends you TRAVEL, go figure.

DAMN - the spell checker does not work, this is a Spanish Control Panel for Blogger and for sure all the words here are spelled very badly in Spanish.
Buena Onda!

To me the operative and biggest demand to be a travel writers is a need to be famous.