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Loud Music

Loud Music
Friday January 27, 2006, 6:39 AM

There is a car with the hip hop types just pulled up to the Hotel, they have the car open and the music is probably at full volume. The animal are up and at them, probably they never went to bed, however the animals are blaring their music. It is interesting to see people on the plane and music, comparable to smoking, a person many times believe what they are doing is always ok. Hard to believe the violent nature of people, this is a cross cultural trend, music is they way they express their powers. This allows a totally inept person to turn up their music full volume and claim the territory.

Respect and manners, there is a need for police in a world where we cannot shoot them legally.

I am asking Craig his impressions on the music, he said,
- You got to respect the sound system -

Then said,
- Yes, it is rude. -

The problem is not the music, the problem is everyone is afraid to enforce manners, I would expect the police play their music at home extremely loud, and believe, how could they stop or tell another to shut it down when they do the same.

There is a building here full of Trinidad and Tobago Soldiers, it is possible this is that group.

For me I am wondering where the end of the path is located, where does the world go with noise. Will there be a time when noise is controlled, will there be any perfect worlds where people slow down the out of control aspects of the planet. The global warming, save the whale, sometimes even the terrorist are not worrisome to me, however here in Trinidad and Tobago you have mostly good people. However even the locals are constantly warning us about crime and violence. I may have never been warned this much, probably less in Iraq than here, for sure they did not warn us about Colombia where I just came from. I wonder if Kevin Sites the guy traveling in the Hot Zones for Yahoo or War Zones like to go travel and live in some Ghettos on the planet.

Ghetto - Not the correct word.
The definition from my Encarta Encyclopedia.

1. minority’s area of a city: an area of a city lived in by a minority group, especially a run-down and densely populated area lived in by a group that experiences discrimination

2. Jewish quarter: in former times, an area in European towns in which the Jewish population was required to live

3. environment of isolation: an environment where a group of people live or work in isolation, whether by choice or circumstance.

The Ghettos here in Trinidad are not full of Minorities, the country is a black country, all the persons are more or less black. The minority could be considered the person who do not wish to work or want to sit around. Patsy in the Green Corner Guesthouse in Charlottsville describes some as the
- Sit around type -
Describing a very fat young 17 year old girl that died and they was having a wake for when we was in the city.

As an American there is a constant politically correct problem as any definitions that would define the problems will be taken or misused against a person that would try to solve the problems. There is a cultural phenomenon that happens in big cities on the plane where the out bad person congregate, I do not see it as a must live there situation. Some lived there and the neighborhood slowly went to hell, however mostly because the moving in of certain types of person.

I was amazed at the rendition of Zach and Jess in Tobago or their description of Port of Spain, the city is so far very clean.