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Learning in USA

2006-01-05 07:27:00

Learning in USA

Thursday January 5, 2006, 4:05 AM

I am learning in the USA how to use a cell phone, how the USA lives, I feel like I have woken from a long sleep, my head is groggy, my mind is forgetful, the sun is shining in my eyes. I am not sure what day it is or where I am, there is a realization the world is slowly passing me by. Much of this is age, I am not 22 anymore and I am not super aware of my surroundings. My ability to care is decreasing; however, my ability to slow down and listen is increasing. So many trivial type activities like Basketball games, new buildings built in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and streets that have been widen just seem too trivial to matter. Cities change and to me the only person who should care are the ones who are affected every day.

I am amiss to understand how I am supposed to care deeply for people in Africa dying or about the Soldiers in Iraq. I do not feel the pain, it is more of an intellectual caring that is possible with me and the realization that I should try to understand these spheres of information and activities. Sharon in Israel the leader had a severe stroke it looked like last night, the implications for the world is great, however to understand for Joe Blow citizen of the world is above the learning process. The whole world peace issue revolves around this person and the crazy leader of Iran now. Sadaam is gone and that leader of Iran has taken his place as head of the Macho want to be leader of Arab culture, or figurehead.

All of this is rather dull; most of the problems today will not even make it in the history book 500 years from now.

I am learning in the USA how to play with a cell phone, I do not have a cell phone yet; however, I have stopped into the Wireless Toyz place on Lima and Washington center and talked now three times. It is like going into a barbershop and discussing politics, however the subject is cell phones. I was asking about Satellite telephone and this chain has just evaded the subject, I think it should fit into the - Wireless - toys idea. However, I do understand it very had to have all the answers to all the questions.


I had a person ask me why I do not buy a satellite telephone, the wireless man Steve ask me another question and I took one of the floating abstract idea and converted it to a concrete statement. I said,

- The internet cafes allow me to blog 90 percent of the days, with the use of a cell phone where I can dial long distance and access the internet in the USA, I can then blog 95 percent of the time.

With a Satellite telephone, I will be able to blog 100 percent of the days.

However, what I need is systems.

I have a system to blog in an internet café.
I now know a system to blog with a Cell Phone.
I need now to learn a system or path to use a Satellite phone and I can go on a 14 day Camel Ride in the Sahara with no problem, or go on a boat across the Pacific Ocean.

Connecting the Dots.
Chain of Events
Algorithm Process.
Understanding the system.
The systematic process.

One missed or broken step and my ability to blog breaks.

I suppose I could have a New Years Resolution or Goal.

365 Days and 365 blogs.
This is very easy if I do not move.
Very difficult when you are on a taxi, plane, train, and bus trip from South East Asia to the USA that takes 33 hours.

Actually, it is easy if enough if I will pay 10 dollars an hour for internet access and use a credit card in the airports. I personally do not use my credit card for small cost; I only use the Debit or Credit card for the ATM machine, and to buy things online.

I use these systems for the inquisitive types.

Generally, the best way to learn is to find a very smart person that is doing this, I have never met the person who is blogging by cell phone, and however they must exist. I wish I would meet a Satellite telephone salesperson in Fort Wayne. I suppose I could go to Chicago earlier and try to buy one…hmm

Cost, I think I have to have a contract to have Satellite telephone access, I do not think they sell pre-paid cards for the world. I do not mind the cost of the minute call; I do mind the cost of a monthly contract fee.

1. Type on Computer
2. Save as on Thumb Drive
3. Go to Internet Café
4. Cut and paste to

1. Type on Computer
2. Write and email in Foxmail email client, more or less the same as outlook express, Eudora or Pegasus.
3. Connect wire to USB port, connect to 555 Motorola Quad Band Cell phone with
Use of a local SIM Card prepaid type.
4. USE the software I will get at the Wireless Toyz place.
5. Dial the USA.
6. Connect with the NOT-Used email account.
7. Download Emails.
8. Upload Emails from the account.
(Authentication of upload email is the reason I am dialing long-distance, it is lottery around the planet where the internet provider will allow me to send emails with Foxmail program. I know they will not allow the Yahoo to work, and I need speed. I cannot download 100 emails before I upload.)
9. Send an email to with the reply address of the Verizon account all ready pre-approved by blogger as a moderator.
10. FTP’s to my site, and auto publishes.