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January 11 Leave USA to Colombia

2006-01-11 05:51:00

January 11 Leave USA to Colombia

The USA Tax People the IRS or Internal Revenue Service have web information and Chris gave me the hint, if I stay less than

30 DAYS in USA

I can earn up to 80-100,000 Dollars and not pay taxes.

I am trying to figure out the fine print, I may even go to the Passport office here in the Chicago to see if they can give an exact record of my comings and goings. I came into the USA three time this year or two entries and this Christmas extra time.

Nonetheless, my passports should be records however who can read the stamps.

I now need an accountant that does not say they do not know anything about this, all my money is coming from advertisements on the site, it could be clicked on from anywhere on the planet and I have a world wide site. the statistic method I use, mainly because they mail me daily the stats has put a new world map on there stats area. Kind of fun, I can see who is awake when they should be sleeping.

Hope that works, fun to check the stats, over Christmas the visitors dropped in half, bottom line is people only look at websites when they are getting paid by their employers.

NOT totally true, but if you look at the statistics, it must be half true, I went down from 10,000 unique visitors per day to about 5000 over the Christmas to New Years time.

I personally think the high time for internet use on the planet must be at 9:00 AM on Monday morning, one hour into work they are tire of working so less start surfing.