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How Old is Valerie in Tobago

How Old is Valerie in Tobago

Tobago Hotel or Guesthouse

I am a place called Sandy’s Guesthouse, a really nice room, however the word that comes to mind for wife is - Battleaxe - I do not even know what this mean, however this woman is an - Old Battleaxe. -

Funny how I think a phrase and word and do not know where learned it, however this is my first thought. Sandy is a man, he has a wife by the name of Valerie, or that is the name I think Craig calls her, I am not sure, I cannot understand her without a tremendous amount of concentration. She does keep the facility very clean and in shape, so she does give me the services or the product I have agreed to pay for, I would rather know I am buying these services from a extreme grump that are excellent than a really crap place from a nice person. Sadly though I will only stay in a grumpy place a short time, because probably a good spirit is the most important element in the end if both are equally safe, it who I meet in the Hotel and not who owns it. Valerie is grumpy and sort of makes a person feel like you are invading their home, one reason living in a person home can be taxing. I have to walk on eggshells. Valerie is now upstairs and this is good, I moved downstairs and have TV, much better.

Valerie is from the Countryside, I think this is the term they use here for the persons who speak a more dialectic form or English and short on words. I am wondering how old Valerie is, I asked or was chatting with Sandy and he said he was 73, well persons get grumpy sometimes when they are older, it is possible Valerie is 73, she does not seem to be over 65, however it may be she is a lot older.

There has been some small problems, yesterday she came out and made or tried to make Craig to feel guilty for not pay. She has this weird payment plan, after you live in the place 48 hours you are suppose to pay, instead of just asking, she went into a guilt tirade. I decided to go and pay, just to keep her calm, I figure it is her right to get paid daily if she wishes or in advance, or at the end, just keep it clear and be civil.

Today she came to my room, knocked on, and went into this tirade about me not washing the dishes. She is extremely correct on this issue however, I went to bed at 12:30 and did not wash the dishes, a small reminder and I would have done the dishes, however I am way too old for a lecture even if I am guilty. I will not cook in the home anymore and I am moving tomorrow day anyway, the place is a good value. I do think she is honest always she has been entering Rose and Craig’s room to shut off the fan, this is not a good practice, unacceptable, however extremely normal. I will leave on the fan as a test to see if person enter.

I would say this place is good, the price is probably lower by 20 dollars than most of the ones around, however I do not know the other prices.

I am clueless, the budget section of the Lonely Planet started with a place as the first hotel on the list at 60 U.S. Dollars per night, then followed by a 25 dollar. I think this is a corruption of their process or systems, like this hotel gave special services to be on the top of the list and they get the best comments. The price different of 25 dollars more for a hotel in this smaller prices pops the place into mid range for me.

Actually budget, midrange and pay a lot are not adequate categories and really just do not work well, yes they are guides, however a better way would just to get clear. Starting from 0-20 20-50 50-100 100-200 then the crazy.

Prices does matter to a - Shoestring Traveler. -

I only have two shoestrings, not an unlimited number of shoestrings.