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Hotels Extras

Hotels Extras
Sunday January 22, 2006, 6:14 AM

Hotel Extras, maybe you could say add-ons to a room, sometimes in Europe they will make you pay for sheets. This is stingy, bridging in unethical to me, like a bait and switch scheme, here is room, however, there is nothing in it, and you need to rent this to use the room.

I am thinking about what the relative value of room benefits.

I have a room now with:

1. TV and Cable
2. Hot Water
3. Kitchen with Refrigerator

Five-Star - Four-Star - Three-Star- Two-Star - One-Star

It is hard for me to comprehend, however after nine years of travel I am not able to tell you the fundamental difference between a Five Star Hotel and a One Star Hotel, other than the price. I believe what you do is add up the benefits, however I just do not know, it could be some system much more nebulous. I know there are things, which I call deficits that are considered benefits. For instance having a restaurant or bar in the Hotel is to me a very big deficit, seems great, however who wants a bar in their home. It is ok for a two-day trip, or two weeks, however after living in a Hotel for two months a bar in the home is not a good idea.

I would say a basic room cost the owners:

3 Dollars per day to offer to a person as hard cost.
1 Dollars per day to have electricity.
5 Dollars per day for profit.
- 9 Total

Total 9 Dollars is about the minimum charge, however many rooms are less than and as little as 1 or 2 dollars a night. If you built a building, you could easily get the cost down to 5 dollars.

Add on 2 Dollars for TV
Add on 2 Dollars for Kitchen

I am now up to 13 dollars per night as a fair amount of money to ask for the room I am in, put this on an island and somehow drive up the cost and 20 dollars is probably a fair prices to ask for the room.

I am in a place called Sandys Guesthouse, just down the street from the Airport here in Tobago, I am not sure, and I guess it is called Crown Point or Store Bay. Tobago appears to be a series of bays, or small harbors. I would say maybe a series of small beach coves that are then purchased or surrounded by a resort. Public beaches are a little scarce so far and travelers are complaining because they have to pay 18 TT Dollars to enter one of the closer ones.

I would say on a scale of 1-10 the beach here at Store Bay is a 5, it has a interesting shape, however too small and not really adequate for the number of tourist. I was going to say travelers however; this place has 99 percent tourist and maybe 1 percent travelers. It is almost impossible to stay here indefinitely as if a traveler could decide to do, find a job and not leave.

Sandys cost 125 TT or about 20 Dollars per night.

This is a very good Hotel in the scope of things; it even included toilet paper and two towels. The two towels are exceptional.
A single room in the Platypus Bogota cost about the same.

10 for room.
2 Dollars add on for TV
5 Dollars add on or off because it is not in a valuable land location.

17 dollars would be the relative value or cost if you mixed and matched all the add-on or extras. This is like doing a real estate Appraisal

Hotel Room Cost Appraisal, I needed this proper term.