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GPS Magellan eXplorist 100 RAVES

2006-01-03 06:24:00

GPS Magellan eXplorist 100 RAVES

I am raving... this Global Positioning Satellite device is great.

It is this new toy that tells me what is maybe the Longitude and Latitude or the number that would be accepted by the world as my location.

However what is cool.

1. Speed -Tells me the Miles Per Hour or speed I am going in a car.
2. Path Home -Tells me how to backtrack or follow the same path back. I will not get lost in a city again, if I am willing to carry this device.
3. Altitude - How many feet above sea level.
4. Time - It coordinates the time with them satellites, I can set my alarm clock in the hotel.
5. Coordinates - I should be able to figure out if I am cold or should be cold
6. Distance - I think I can start, get on a plane, tell the route and the distance I traveled.
7. Compass - It has a compass inside.

Not braindead easy to use, however not too complicated. I think this 100 dollar model would work pretty good for old people, or people like me that can get lost on the way to the super market. I am not good at remembering how I got to a place, I have to pay attention, my mind just has trouble focusing on the trivial.

My present solution is to get a business card of the hotel and take a taxi back, or walk straight only, no turns.