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Fort Milford Tobago

Fort Milford Tobago

There is a small Fort called or named Fort Milford on a point protruding out into the water. I love a good Fort of defense position on the water. This is the reality of the world that has been forgotten, recent quick and ever present history has devalued the 100-year history cycles. What has happened in the last 10 years is a pebble in history, not as important as we think, a time epic of 10 years shows a photo, a 33-year generation shows a trend, 100 years to me show small film clip. Global warming a ridiculous conversation need to be observed for 500 years to see a trend.

The bottom line about the Caribbean to me is a few years ago they was fighting with Pirates, Privateers, and Slave ships, large plantation owners, many countries for control. These countries took and did what they wanted in many ways, the flavor of the locals is more Pirate than San Francisco - Politically Correct - Eat my Muslis, not Granola, and make sure eat quiche society. I guess this to me is more authentic and real, negligent in a sense of justice, however real and authentic. More clarity here than in the new sophisticated and lost generations of the Western Worlds.

Bomb Them - A good cannon pointed at you make you remember.

Nothing to do with this photos, this is a big tank in back of the Sandy Guesthouse, I believe it is for Potable or drinking water. Hard to explain, normally these tanks are on the tops of building. Interesting and difficult to explain the water systems, they must use a pump and have not used gravity.