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Finding Caribbean Crew

Finding Caribbean Crew
Sunday January 29, 2006, 6:17 AM

I am trying or volunteering to be a crew for a Sailboat going north, I would pay for the trip, however I am not suppose to tell them that, and sort of anti-hobo or anti-cheap to offer, like I was not a backpacker. I am looking for a cheap way to go North through the Islands and not necessarily a boat. However, it is probably the cheapest way to go north when and if I would work on the boat for passage.

TIME, this is the problem a person has to hang around and pay for the room while waiting for the boat. IF I pay 100 TT a night this is about 15 dollars per day, it may only take about five days to pay for the plane ticket, I am not sure of the price for a ticket to Grenada and this is also a problem. I have not found a travel agency; they seem allusive or not prevalent. I need to get on Liat or BWIA web sites and check out; maybe I can buy online and avoid the travel agents. It is possible I need to go to the airport and buy tickets or directly to the airlines main office in Port of Spain. Whatever the case, I need to figure out the way to buy a plane ticket, more correctly I need to discover the best way to buy a cheap plane ticket.

Chaguaramas is not full of boater or yachties, it is more full of workers, they have enough boats in the area to have maybe 1000 person roaming around, and however for the most part it is maybe the same persons. I keep counting dinghies that come into shore and the docks are not full. There may be soon an immigration of person coming here for Carnaval, however I am not sure. I am not sure there is really that many outsiders that come to Carnaval, hard to imagine people being brave enough to go to Port of Spain and risk being robbed. The Lonely Planet makes the inside of the city sound like a guaranteed place to be robbed. I have not seen it, however the crown point area of Tobago has a lot of aggressive idiots on the Store Bay beach, however this is in ways an exception, I have seen very few problem children, jerks with car speakers too big and this type, however not a huge problem. I do get the gut feeling or my instincts are saying the white people are afraid of the black people. Trinidad to me seems about 99 percent black, I see almost zero whiteys, except inside the fence of the Chaguaramas Sailboat compound, inside the gate� Hehehe

I am not afraid of the black guys, however very cautious with the wanna-be Bob Marley types, they are in your face aggressive and I need a two by four as my farmer boss used to say. Nothing a 2X4 could not solve.

However, they are more on the children side of adulthood and less on the mature side upstanding citizen types. Children are unpredictable and prone to temptations, therefore to deal with the big dangerous looking person here in Trinidad it is easy to just ignore and walk on the other side of the street. They tend to do this,
- Come here -
I do the�
- I do not understand, did not hear strategy -

It takes a special look on my face,
- What, what did you say, what - oh never mind -

I have posted 4 signs in the proper areas of the Sailboat Port, maybe they will call the Hotel and I will get some messages today, I am not sure it is important, I am going to try to leave Port of Spain for Grenada this week. I am bored with the place and Craig should leave for Brazil.

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