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Dummy Us Down

2006-01-07 06:03:00

I am thinking....

I was told one time when the newspapers would come out in the American Colonies in the 1700 or 1800s, they would have very serious subjects.

I was told they would have information like or example like the Marxist Theory, heavy reading and not on the front page of the papers today.

I believe that the major TV sources of news like CNN BBC Euronews and Fox, ABC etc etc and all the major sources have now stopped trying to appeal to the elaat, they are now only trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

We have to dummy down to want to listen or read some of the inane information.

It is annoying how a person could say they are an information junky and watch CNN or BBC, this is a repetitive process of one or two new stories. There is nothing about it that is world new, I travel the world and am amazed at the new world order.

I have to dummy down to enjoy.

I am very glad I do not have a TV in my room on a regular basis.