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DSL Darn Slow Links

2006-01-09 02:58:00

DSL Darn Slow Links

I am on my sisters Verizon DSL connection and I am amazed, it is as slow as my parents Dial Up Verizon connections. It is 3:04 AM, this connection should be screaming fast. I still cannot sleep all night so I thought I would get some fast internet time.

I am wanting test Verizon to see if they block me from sending or uploading to my mail the same as they do on dialup. This is a wonderful thing about the higher speed, they normally stop blocking the pop and smtp of my Foxmail email client.

Verizon let me through... or I thinki, however then the Norton Antivirus blocked me, I am a wiz kid on the computer. I wrote an email to myself to check the system, the average Joe Blow will never know the email did not go through.

Why is this DSL connection so slow, it is not the computer. The upload and download of emails should have been at super speeds, it is the same as dial up. No wonder the USA is so concerned with speed, they have none, the rest of the world has better.

I am going to see about Comcast for my parents.

I come home thinking I can use the Internet free and easy, and find it more difficult, there is some basic mass cluster F.. going on here.

It blocked or stopped me from sending... aaagh, this is not the way it should be, email should be easy, and they first worlds like the USA and Germany make it too complicated.