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Common Sense is Magical

2006-01-03 06:07:00

Common Sense is Magical
I have been dwelling on why I am able to travel.
It comes down do common sense.

I am zeroing in on the idea in my head, I think maybe 1 in 50 persons have common sense, the others are just going from temptation to temptation, this is the 4 percent difference between us and a monkey idea, genetics of animals.

I am for sure a monkey and my ability to use what we call -COMMON SENSE - makes me able to travel. I personally believe what is called -COMMON SENSE- should be called.

Extreme understanding or something or able to connect the dots.

I am able to accept and believe that if I have Ice Cream in the Home, I will eat it.

I accept I have no ability to avoid temptation.

It would be fun to construct a decision making matrix whereby I could measure the ability to suss out the bottom line... the best answer.

I have been mulling on or thinking...

I trust the RED CROSS, I because they discovered thieves trying to steal the funds for Katrina this tells me they are a very good NGO or whatever they are organization.

It is just common sense or -EXTRAORDINARY UNDERSTANDING- on my part that makes me believe that it is obvious.

Now if I could explain as well as Mark Twain or Will Rogers, then I would be a writer, as of now, I am just a hack, having fun. However common sense would say to me, that was always my goal, and should always be my goal, to enjoy the day.

If a person says,
- I do not care about business... -
Do they have the right to...
- to want money?