Colombia Culture Photos

Colombia Culture Photos

Good old Che, the hero of the world, was killed in Bolivia and now he is semi-Hero of these cultures. Like a person that told the rich to go take a hike. Most of the time the locals and the travelers know none the History of Che and like the rebel look. He represented violence and overthrow of the governments. Meet the new boss same as the old boss as Castro has proven. More people are escaping, why they wish to escape if the system is good.

In the same square or small park, area with all the statues was this bum sleeping, could say Hobo I suppose, and I do not think he was looking for work. However, the police came in this area and rousted him. This is school district and mostly in the upscale neighborhoods, they will wake them and get them moving and in the poorer, they continue to sleep.

This is a New Zealand guy traveling with his girlfriend, lugging around two boards to surf in places like Brazil, Mancora in Peru, north Chile, etc.

Walking back from the internet, I am about 40 meters away, testing the zoom again. I never can understand why a person does not pick location that is a little more discreet. There are many better locations to stop and urinate in this area. It is early morning; I do not think he is drunk, I think he just does not care. The same problem is about trash. Many corners will smell, and I guess the telephone pole here will have a smell if this is common. Just outside bars, there is usually a smell. It is amazing the lack of toilets in the world, or they make them pay, the government will set up a pay to use toilet and of course nobody will use. Toilets in developed countries are free and the country is cleaner.

I was bored waiting in the Trato@Mundo Travel office in Bogotá, so I test the 12X lens on this Sony Camera from the second story window. The man is in a major square, the time is about 11:00 in the morning. He is sleeping there and has no shoes; the no shoe part is not good.