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Charlottsville Tobago Hotel

Charlottsville Tobago Hotel
Thursday January 26, 2006, 3:21 AM

Green Corner Guesthouse 90 TT Dollars- 15 U.S.A. Dollars
11 09.208N GPS or Global Positioning Satellite Mark

90 TT Trinidad and Tobago Dollars or about 15 U.S. Dollars per person. There are double beds rooms in a place called the Green Corner Guesthouse and behind the place is a second one probably about the same price. Shower is shared; however, I am not able to get the water to work this morning at 3:00 AM. We are leaving by Maxi-Van or a Microbus for Scarborough today again quickly and hopefully will be able to jump on the Ferry from Tobago Island to Trinidad Island. The Charlottsville Tobago Hotel is more or less just two of the upper rooms in a home. My guess is there is probably a view of these places and you can walk up and down the streets asking.

I have not seen any fancy hotels and they must be a walk from the main highway and any of the interesting waterfront. The Green Corner Guesthouse is at the end of the road just before you go up a hill. If you looked at the road from the water as you would, come in on a dinghy the guesthouse is at the very left as there is split in the road and one goes along the road and not away from the Road. Up the hill some PR doctor and something about steel pan drums has a rooming house.

Check the shower and make sure it works or explain to Patsy before you rent a room, or get a huge discount.

Charlottsville is small, full of locals hanging around and there is a nice restaurant that fun to hang around at 1:00 in the afternoon as that is when it opens. Many of the yacht owners or sailboat owners come into for lunch, gas, supplies or to use the internet.