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Chaguaramas Hotels

Chaguaramas Hotels

We are staying in this Hotel or they say it is a resort, really just a Hotel, I am always annoyed with all the name of rooms, Guesthouses, Hotels, Hostels, they are all the same, except when they demand you sleep in a dorm bed. Nonetheless the Cove Hotel is maybe what you could call a - Garage Hotel - a place where people would drive to from the city with another persons wife and spend the afternoon doing what you are not suppose to do. It is sparse however seem pretty safe and ok, the shower here is great, however more or a boom boom room with P-o-r-n on the TV.

The Cost is 260 TT or about 50 U.S. for Two people; I am assuming it is the same for one. There are cheaper Hotels in the city and it may have worked better to take a small van daily from the city to Chaguaramas, however now we can walk to the Marinas at night or if for some reason there is no Van when absolutely needed we can walk. This is about one-half hour walk from the Chaguaramas Marina presently, however much better than living in the city and probably safer. There is everything a person needs in Chaguaramas, a grocery, internet, petrol, restaurants and a few expensive Hotels.

Strange I have yet to see many people, my guess is in the harbors and around on dock there must be over 400 boats, and in total maybe 800 of various types, not all ocean going and many small day boats