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Castro Dying Tour

Castro Dying Tour
Sunday January 22, 2006, 7:59 AM

Castro Dying Tour
An interesting move is being made by some travelers, there are travelers preparing to go to Cuba on a moments notice or some are maybe hanging around in Cuba to be there when Castro Dies. I suppose this is morbid type of travel notice; however, it is real and should be considered important. If and when Castro dies the whole Caribbean flavor will change, it could very well create a new world for millions of persons. When the stranglehold grip on Cuba is released and all the - Mexican-Standoff- mentality or that death before dishonor, macho, I am never going to side on the side of reason mentality of Castro dies with him, there is then the chance the new leader would say.

What the hell, I would rather be like America then against America.

Siding on the side of the Soviet Union has been an interesting and probably profitable for the corruption class of Cuba. There is a lot of money to be made in manipulation of rules, or going around the rule. It is like Prohibition in the USA, the liquor runners were making fortunes in the illegal trade. While now these living outside the law person have trouble dealing and making money in the real world.

Nefarious individual often could make more money honestly, however that not their nature, they need to be naughty.

I need to create a so I can monitor Castro’s, I would hate to miss this change that will grandly affect the travel world. I suppose there is not a big value beside Cigars for Cuba; however, from a Tourism point of view this is gold.

The sales point is it is close to the USA.
You can sell all the vices, alcohol, drugs, women, gambling, things like Cock Fighting, and all them not-for-prime time types of tourism. Generally Cuba is the Whore House of Europeans and Americans that can figure out, IF I fly from Canada or Mexico I am able to go to Cuba, the Scandinavians and Germans have been using this as a S E X tourism location for years, as the whites go and explore their desire to have a little of the opposite color.

There is a British Slapper mentality here in Tobago as many of them chubby British girls are dragging Bob Marley back home to have some hot chocolate with cookies. Like a meal of Oreos, very humorous to me in a cultural sense, people are dreaming about the Caribbean and many other locations, they just never seem to see the right channel. I was really cracking up reading the - clichés - of the Lonely Planet about Trinidad and Tobago, they make this place seem like some type of people and cultural paradise. It is normal for me to be around locals who are invasive and annoying; however, Tobago is full of tourist, many who have zero desire to be annoyed, have no idea that you have to be annoyed to see an under-developed nation. That is why it is annoying, everything is under-developed and especially the manners. There is this continuum form the top somewhere over in Norway to the bottom somewhere centered on the North Africa world of Nigeria or maybe some Bolivian mountaintop. Strangely, though the continuum of manners almost drops again at the top-level countries in there ability to support themselves becomes too great. The Scandinavian countries have JUNKIES, I have seen very few junkies, only a couple in this too developed and too ruled country and city of Amsterdam, they like to froth at the mouth, it is a tourist attraction to me… they just do not know they are ridiculous.

What is great about Tobago is the quality of rooms and facilities; they are abnormally high quality for level of culture I am within, it would be normal to withhold many benefits. I am told though and the gossip is raging about the danger or Port of Spain, Trinidad. The negative comments are ever-present, from the Taxi driver to the Hotel Owners to the extreme explanations by the other travelers. I am going to have to visit this city to see, the other person have nothing but a western world to compare itself too, therefore have no norm to use as a guide. I expect it would be like Belize City, one of the most dangerous cities on the planet.

The safety here is they put you on a channel tour, you only get to ride in the one channel, the one path, and you cannot escape the path, except for a few Oreos to eat.
Castro Dying Tour