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Carry On Rules

2006-01-16 09:45:00

Carry On Rules

I have been trying to learn what is ok and what is not ok to carry-on an airplane, I have seen everything carried onto the plane from Golf Clubs to extremely large bags. There is this this tube boxy thingy that is

22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches more or less, depending on the airlines, however that is a good standard.

However, I believe less than half the bags would fit, however if they got the trolley look, like this captain they will be allowed, or overlooked. This is a little ridiculous; however, we must follow his lead. IF you have a lot of small what appear to be personal bags, similar to a Computer bag, you can carry many.

I think if you are an executive, you can carry more.

Golf Clubs get a life, yes, sometimes

What you have to do is hide the bag, and just carry them one, you got about an 80 percent chance of getting on the plane with zero problems.

I put my light stuff in the 18x22x9 inch backpack I made, and pull out the computer bag, which is loaded with rocks, figuratively speaking, my heaviest thingies, note a computer bag will usually fly.

I purchased a 12X zoom Sony Camera and was testing it on this bum, can I get close enough to take his photo however not be seen. YES, more or less, this is a bad photo, and now I am working on positioning and light.

In the Center of Bogotá Colombia, a Colombian Bum.

Micro Financing.
This girl is from the Netherlands and is working on her own made project to extend Micro financing to people who want to start businesses in Colombia.


This is probably as best I can decide today, maybe not next week, however for today, the best way to save the planet from what we perceive to be poverty.

Micro-Financing is more or less giving very small loans to start a business, she said from 10 to 300 dollars to start, however I believe she would mean 300 dollars. I want her to have the Netherlands person monitor and reward the loans, however I think she is teaming up or trying to partner up with the Colombians. I think it normal muddles down into a pile of nothing happening when they do this. The problem to me is a need to keep it very personal and away from anyone that needs money, except for the person how is wanting to start a business. Greed and bureaucracy eat about 95 percent of monies in my opinions in these types of project.

- What in it for me - problem

I have moved into an Annex part of the Platypus Bogotá Hostel, I am cracking up at the sign, and obvious prejudice against the hippy dippy types and the dreads, I did not do this, it was somebody else, I would never do this, they might beat me, I am over the age of being able to get way with criticizing the hippy dippy youths blatantly.

No Che Guerrera Shirts
No Lose Women
No Dreads
No Hippy Clothes

I think some of the travelers have had enough of the travelers that have left home and started to dress and act like clowns. I second the motion.