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Bogota to Port of Prince Trinidad Flight

Bogota to Port of Prince Trinidad Flight

Cost 223 U.S. one-way
Colombia Airport Exit Tax of 32 U.S. Dollars.

I will fly from Bogota, Colombia to Port of Prince, Trinidad Airport on Thursday the 19th of January. I will fly with Areopostal, an Airlines from Venezuela and not the best of the bunch, I however really do not care or choose airlines, I buy price.

I purchased the ticket from STA Travel office called something like Trato @ Mundo.

Many people believe you need to be a student to buy a ticket, this is not true, these office are normally a lot cheaper than a normal ticket office because students are cheap, they must give them a good deal or they are a pain in the neck.

Many of the Student sites though are just crooks and over-charge the students, it is sad, promise them this big discount and nail them with a price that is double.