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Blog Speed Trinidad and Tobago

Blog Speed Trinidad and Tobago
Monday January 30, 2006, 6:01 AM

It is interesting; Craig borrowed my computer to write his blog the last two nights, I can honestly say if I worked on my blog that long, I would stop blogging. It looked to me like a torturous act of choosing word, thinking or remembering what he was doing, then meticulously choosing the proper way to say what he wanted to say. I adhere to the idea I see that this is my journal for me, and who cares what I write, I am not in the business of making person happy or writing the great American Novel. I am in the business of reviewing my thoughts and posting them, sometimes I hope nobody reads so nobody will comment.

I enjoy the conversion of them fuzzy, abstract thoughts and turning them into solid thought out or somewhat thought out ideas. This is a great sounding board for me to work through ideas on how to make my web sites that make me the money. The blog is a losing proposition for the most part, however creates fame, which does translate to money in a long torturous way. A person can work there way to earning money, however a person cannot really work their way to fame.

Craig has a blog?

I do not read blogs often, I wish I could read them daily, however with the invention and the anal decision of most bloggers to not send the blog by email I am not able to read blogs. I sometime find them in searched however, most are lost in the wilderness of the internet space and do not come up in Google.com searches. It is very difficult for a person traveling to go to bookmarks; I am on a different computer daily. It is very difficult for a person to have the time to read other persons blogs, when it is obvious you are paying to read a blog or page you think to yourself,
 - Is this good enough to read? -

The Newsletters I receive in my e-mail box I test read, learn about letter and then hope I can unsubscribe, presently they have become junk because they send me back to the internet and I have nothing to read, so when I go back, I try to remember to unsubscribe if possible. I like to read their - NEWS - I am not trying to surf.

On the other hand if I were working in an office I suppose I would connect a feed reader, maybe read, and monitor a few. I know it would be too tempting though to connect all and not read any, this is not good.

In the end, whether a person reads my blog or I read another persons blog, it is not important, I am a travelers first, very little to do with the blog. I have a web site in the hope of earning continually enough money to travel. I do not have a web site to have a web site, it is a job. The blog for me is not a job, I do know it makes my Mother and Father happy and I do not have to write letters explaining what I am doing.

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