Blog by Email with Verizon

Blog by Email with Verizon

I am presently in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or the Verizon Telephone company has put me on hold, they said it would be less than 30 minutes.

I have many people say,
- Just call us -

They are meaning, they want me to call them for help, now if I was in Bogota, Colombia and I needed to call or this Telephone company, I am not sure, maybe the call would be about 50 USA Dollar, maybe more. This is already the 5th number I called.

All I wanted was the internet dial up number for Fort Wayne...
One of the messages said,
- Get on the website of something like that, of course because I am trying to find the access, number that is

Generally, I refuse to call the USA, because there is  this ever present desire to keep a person on hold, or tell them to call another number. Maybe give me a toll free 800 number that is not possible to call from another country

Nonetheless, I have learned, the USA is losing its edge, service is going down the tubes. On a bright spot, I was looking into call centers in the Philippines as as way to make money on my site, I could arrange or help person to hire a call center in Manila. seems to need one.


I got through, I think the guy is nuts, from Texas he said, he kept asking,
"What is the access number you want?"
Fort Wayne, Indiana...

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