Better Bum Photos Colombia

2006-01-16 09:52:00

Better Bum Photos Colombia - From Bogota

As soon as I typed that I knew the Europeans would think of butt and not beggars or bums. Nonetheless, I purchased a 12X Sony Camera and am able to take a better photos of bums. This photos was taken from about 30 meters or about 30 yard away according to whether you think in meters or yards. Note this is also going to work good for the cultural photos.

This couple with a dog were in my path as I was walking home, and amazing amount of baggage to carry on a bike. The hills of the world scare me away from bikes.

Emeralds in Bogota, Colombia.
There is a large Emerald Trade building down the street from the Platypus Hostel, you have all these men walk up, hold out some Emeralds, or maybe GLASS and try to entice you to buy.

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