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Arrogance Has No Bounds

Arrogance Has No Bounds

I am sitting here wrapping up my choices for the Top Travel Sites of 2005, knowing in my heart that I choose and pick sites that no travel writer on the planet would choose. I amaze myself on how I am able to do this, I guess my - Arrogance has no bounds - I am an egomaniac to believe that I am correct and most of the rest are wrong.

I really despise the term - Travel Writer - and really do not like to associate myself with this word. I am a traveler, not a writer, I like to travel, I earn money by writing or actually maybe it would be better to say - Travel Typer - hehehe

I type what I think, explain as best I can how to travel, or at least how I travel. There really is no best way to travel or best place to visit. The best places are where you love, I told my friendly last night, and Colombia would be a great country if I had a girlfriend here. In the end the best place are where we find our best friends, a good conversation and many laughs. I do not think often about destinations, except maybe for the Elephant ride chasing the Rhino in Chitwan National Park in Nepal, which was a great destination. However mostly I remember the people, and continue to travel to meet the people.

I do realize and know, I am always talking to myself, and in reality, at the end of the day, nobody cares what I am doing or where I am at, everyone just needs a - Coffee Break -. I do encourage the world to stop working so hard.

I like to brag to my friends, it does not take a genius to make a million dollars working 16 hours per day; it does take a genius to do it working two hours.

I like the word games, hmm what is Arrogance.

The dictionary in my Encarta Dictionary says,

Arrogance: contemptuous pride: a strong feeling of proud self-importance that is expressed by treating other people with contempt or disregard. (2)

Ooh.. Painful, I do not treat persons with contempt or disregard; I suppose I do think of travel writers often in this manner. However, I do also think of my own typing or writing with contempt. Hard to have respect for my own writing ability, I can see it often is fraught with embarrassing problems. I do on occasion need to read some pages, I think, how can a person just leave word out, or use the completely wrong tense. Like typing sent instead of send, annoying person writing this crap.

I do fight though with another issue, my Mother was saying, or writing, your blog is boring. I agree to her it is boring; however, what I am personally thinking is never boring to me, just to others. Therefore, there is this natural tendency to remember I have some person reading this; it was easier when I knew nobody read it. Nonetheless, I do not go back and erase what I have type, do not try to edit, I try to type fast and quick, writing my journal will little care or introspection on what other person would think. I only stop a couple of thoughts here and there to avoid hate mail. There are lots of hateful person in the world that hate other persons, they take the time to write a person they hate, and even worst they read information from persons they hate. Quite crazy to me.

I am now and always will be in my own little box. I live in a box, it is my head, not many people come to visit, and I am here alone. Sounds somewhat forlorn, actually, I stopped fooling myself about 25 years ago that I was going to have this constant warm, touching, soul-searching intimacy with all person and any persons. I do have intimacy with friends, however most of my friend I can feel their arroganceā€¦ hehehe contempt and disregard. I can tell when they are listening however not interested.

Enough of the crap, I am ready to go to Trinidad and sit on the beach; they say Tobago has good beaches. It better or I for sure will be tempted to go to Rio where I know there are good beaches. I did not find any good beaches in the Philippines so I am lacking.

Trinidad and Tobago, is this one country or two?