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A Million Little Pieces

2006-01-14 09:20:00

A Million Little Pieces

Bogotá Colombia
Saturday January 14, 2006, 7:21 AM

There is a book of controversy in the USA, on the number one list of books to read.
- A Million Little Pieces -

I guess Oprah Winfrey promote the author and the book with a book club she runs, the books is about some man and his fight with alcohol, drugs, and I suppose how is life was a million little pieces. I have not read the book and often cringe when I read about or learn about alcoholics who write books. I am a recovering alcoholic as I am suppose to say, I have not drank for 18 years and soon to be 19. I am very grateful to be sober; however, I am not always happy to here about people cashing in on their lives. It is not easy, where does a person start to talk about issues like this, where is my personal life, or my dirty laundry, or whatever, where is it to be hanged. I do not wish to celebrate me being a drunk. I am not a good person because I was a drunk; I was a person with a big problem that became in many ways a bad person. I became what you did not want you children to see or be near.

I can still see in the eyes of my family and friends at home mistrust, the hear me talking; however they do not believe me. I am trying to pay my nephew to draw little hoboes for my website, I am doing very well, and the money of my advertisements has create extra money, a great way to pay for help. However, like most of the millions of little stories I have thought up or came up with my life, most have failed. I for the most part am a failure in life, no wife, no children, no cats and dogs, just a lot of pieces like the man said on the title of his book.

I just lost about three paragraphs of miserable writing; this is when you a person can bargain with God,
- Did you do that on purpose? -

The computer did an error message and I lost a lot of typing, why, who knows, however who would want to type or think about some miserable thoughts about being an alcoholic again.

The man who wrote this book about his journey into alcoholic hazes is making money, writers write to become famous and to make money. I do not believe persons write a book only to tell their story, they want fame, yes some stories need to be told, however many need hidden. It does not sound like a book of hope to me, it sounds like a book for people with a lot of problems to read and say, I am like him, or I relate, I can see how he make his life a million little pieces.

Oprah is a FAT woman hopefully in a skinny body for the rest of her life, she dramatizes a life of a person and many people see the hope that is possible. Normally Oprah Winfrey is for persons who already are more or less sane; I do not know man of the insane friends of mine that would watch Oprah, a little too much - Little House on the Prairie - or maybe - Readers Digest - world like.

Misery needs some Misery and that is not what Oprah is promoting, she promotes hope from Misery so when she promoted this writer, I am sure she was selling the public a good book, a good read, however a book, a book is not a person. Writing is not real, I cannot make a story here on a blog that will make you really feel the place, and you can only relate of get a small feel of the place. A freebie along my path a bone, a dream, an idea of what is like to be in Bogotá.

Note to know, say the words like this, with a Spanish feel.

Bohh GAW Tah
Coh Lome Bee Ah

Then think of Cocaine, and it is nothing like that…hehehe, it is cold, and high up and has a lot of pretty girls, many travelers with a desire to live in Bogotá, because it is one of the naughty countries, one of them on the list countries, a place where they government would say not to go.

I would say,
Do not follow the path of a man, who has torn his life into a Million Little Pieces, I would never want my family, friends, or nephews and nieces to love this book… Aagh to love a miserable story is not good; I want them to look for Heroes, James Bond, and Ryan in a Tom Clancy book, or that Pitt person in Clive Cussler books, or on a moderate side, the James Michener books.

The good guys need to win, and the bad guys need to die, they should, could and I hope will believe in Apple Pie, and the American way, salute the flag, and love their mothers and fathers, go to school and do not get tattoos.

There is glamour in coming to Bogotá, however there is nobody here to look at me and say, you are living a glamorous life, so there is no glamour. I am just here. That person who wrote the book a Million Little Pieces has found his fame, he will for the next 15 minutes because he showed the world his dirty underwear is famous. To me an a drunk is a drunk, and ex-drunk is an ex-drunk, there is nothing to brag about, stopping drinking is what a normal person does all the time, a bad person or a person over the edge, away from the group, decides to walk over the edge, it is both an accident and a free will choice. The person wanted to be an alcoholic in many ways; we keep choosing the exciting path and the bad path until we cannot find our way home.

Go and conquer the world young man, do not listen to story of fools, cheap person who sold their souls to excitement. Men and women who lived a fast life, who reveled in the party, nobody remembers them and nobody will care. They will remember George Bush and his noble speeches, they will disagree, they will ague, however they will remember him, and he says words about conquering problems, not about living in the problems like the man in a million little pieces. I will celebrate any person that goes and fights the good battle, like George Bush, or Tony Blair who listen to the world or criticism from person that could not and never would do the job, they are wimps, they will not take the heat of making tough decisions. They will sit around with that Fat man Michael Moore and watch the Henny Penny harvest the corn, make the food, and they will try to benefit from the doers of the world. They will take, and not give, they will complain and offer no solutions, and they will not try.

In the end trying to do you best is hope, trying to conquer them big dragons. Trying to stop the bad dragons is a good idea, trying to take down the boys fighting the dragons just tells me you can or will write a book about being a failure in the future. I am on the side of people who want to find solutions. I am not on the side of people who want to protest.

I think 49 people are failures or listen to failure for fun, relating why they did not go and fight the dragon, only 1 in 50 goes and fights the dragon. I want to know of myself, am I going to fight the dragon or am I the person who complains about the person that goes and fights the dragons.

I will take steps today, I will step towards progress, I will step towards solutions, I will walk away from problems and people who are doing nothing, I want to do something today, just one day at a time, to be cliché.