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A Girl from Tobago says Guys Make Nice Pets

A Girl from Tobago says Guys Make Nice Pets

Wednesday January 25, 2006, 8:14 AM

We are leaving the Crown Point area or Store Bay next to the Airport and going north to the Charlottsville area, hoping to find some sailboat going South or North.

This very nice woman allowed me to photograph here sure, I in turn assured he I was a very good pet.

In Scarborough there is Fort George this many sang some rhyming lyrics in turn for some extra cash.

Cannon on top of the hill overlooking the bays of Scarborough.

Craig asked, why do they put the houses on legs?

High Water?

An inquisitive and cute bunch stopped and we had to take their photos, here is one of the extreme cute girls.

Sassy and maybe in the language here spicy.