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3:45 AM Wake Up Call

2006-01-04 07:24:00

3:45 AM Wake Up Call
Wednesday January 4, 2006, 3:46 AM

I woke up today later than normal, I am finally adjusting my diurnal clock, I guess the word circadian is better diction.

I am in the process of adjusting my bodies´┐Ż circadian clock.

- 24-hour cycle: used to describe a pattern repeated approximately every 24 hour - (2)

My body still believes it is in Southeast Asia, it wants to wake up at 7:00 am Manila or Bangkok time and it take a lot for me to care. I wake up when I wake up, I could care less what time it is, if I am awake, I do something. I am afraid of depression, I think it is easy for me to become depressed, therefore I would not lie around in bed, pretending do sleep. Moreover, people that sleep all the time are depressed.

My friend Gigi used to sleep 18 hours per day; I would go over to her house at 3:00 in the afternoon and kick her out of bed. She was certifiable, really doctor approved manic-depressive. A great girl and fun on the manic side, however on the depressive side, not so fun, she slept all the time. I like Manic-Depressive persons; I relate well with them, of course, I am an Alcoholic so we are neighbors in crazies.

I am dwelling, musing, trying to discover in my mind the correct words to explain how I think. My mind is a slice em, dice em, spin the wheel machine. It takes thoughts and plucks them out like a wheel of fortune machine. It is a very annoying thing to people around me, I have realized and accept, most people do not like me around them, and very few people are not annoyed by my brain waves. They become caught in a wave, drown in the over abundance of random thoughts. I wish they would come into the water sometime more than wading; it would be nice to have someone to swim with.

Note, I know I am not suppose to end a sentence with a preposition - with - I think I need a elementary English School teacher to travel WITH.