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What is the perfect Hotel - Hostel

2005-12-16 23:32:00

What is the perfect Hotel - Hostel
Saturday December 17, 2005, 6:15 AM

A Hotel needs to be the similar to you home.

1. Common area with Television and room to sit about 10-15 person on couches or recliners. I have never seen a recliner in a Hotel, however I have seen place in Thailand where they have special lay down platforms.

2. Kitchen for the guest to use.


1. A normal super market or grocery to buy food.

2. If there are foods or vegetable markets this should be close also, however these types of markets are not as easy as a normal Kroger, Walmart, or Piggly Wiggly types.

3. Laundry facilities that does laundry by the kilo or pound, or a coin-operated laundry either in the Hotel or within two blocks.

4. Internet caf� within on block of the hotel.
5. Shopping for clothes, normal shopping, like hardware supplies, auto, electronic, tailors, and not only tourist shopping.


I do not like a restaurant in the Hotel.

1. Either a free breakfast served or paid breakfast.

2. Kitchen for the guest to use.

3. Snacks for guest to purchase and water.


1. Closet with a Hasp on the door that allows a person to put his or her own lock on the door to the closet.

2. A security box big enough separate in the room that is big enough to place a computer, camera and such. It would be at least 14 x 22 x 9 inches or big enough for a carry on bag. Again, there is a need for a Hasp on the door that allows me to use my own padlock.


A hostel can provide all the same feature of a Hotel, however just lacks on the privacy of a private room. Generally, a Hostel is an annoyance in that it will give the dorm bed but does not give any security.


I am cracking up inside, I am laughing to myself, at the ironic way people analysis the ability of various persons to perform various types of jobs. Leonardo Da Vinci was to me what any person can be.

---- Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Florentine artist, one of the great masters of the High Renaissance, celebrated as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist --- (2)

It is like saying I cannot accurately report the news in Iraq, because I do not work as a journalist. This is preposterous anyone can tell the truth and could be the first one with the �News.�

Leonardo was an architect, however he was also an artist, and he was an inventor, a scientist and almost anything he wanted to be.

What is the job of an Architect?

1. To design a room that adheres to standards of the body of a human. Ergonomically designed to adapt to the various sizes of humans.

2. To include the necessary piece or parts of the room that makes it a complete room.

Electrical Plugs, Windows, Air conditioning, heating, water, etc.

3. Layout the room so it does not fight with the furniture or person property inside the room.

Interior Designers?

When doe the job of the interior designer cross over into the job of the architect, this to me is the lacking of modern man; they all want to be only a specialist in one area and not in all areas.

To design the perfect hotel room a person would need to lay out the room as an Architect and then be the Interior Designer so it does not conflict with the Architect, then discuss with all the owners and the persons living inside the rooms what they want or need inside the room.

I personally have live in a one-room habitat for so long that I believe I can tell the pros and cons on many issues.