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What are they doing on the other side of the planet

2005-12-24 07:14:00

I am in a very quiet place, there is a deafening silence that overwhelms me.
It is so easy to avoid myself on the other side of the planet.

Normally in the worlds I live there is chaos, noise, confusion, and conversations about insane subject, now I wondering as I sit in the USA.
"What are they doing on the other side of the planet?"

When I am here, I miss there, and when I am there I miss here. However what is impossible to avoid here in the USA is myself. The lack of confusion in my life here is an overwhelming force, I have so much time to think.

I am watching some Art and Entertainment (A&E) show about Geishas in Japan, I have never been to Japan, however this word is going to haunt me. What is a Geisha? I have learned on my occasions it is not as simple as some made to make me happy show like this A&E show about Geisha.

I am thinking what are they thinking about, how long would I have to be curious, how long would I need to listen, to reveal the subtle meanings of the word Geisha.

Common sense is a mystical thing.
I also know television will either make a person look like a Saint or a Sinner, never the truth a little of both. I was having a conversations about travel magazines, it really causes me frustration to read one, I just cannot stomach the noise, I was thinking about the country, and I can never figure or of find what they write about.