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True Believers

2005-12-22 02:50:00

True Believers
Thursday December 22, 2005, 3:24 AM

I am sentimental and thinking about family and Christmas, I do not know what Christmas is in many ways, however I do know what it is to believe.

I believe in the good intentions of people.

My Mother is good, my Father is good, they are not perfect, however pretty close to the ideal, however you do it perfect encompasses and includes both good and bad, so they may be perfect.

Everyone has a conscience.

What is humorous and makes me think of true believers is the emails being exchanged between my Christian Mother and my Buddhist Friend in Thailand.

Mom was explaining and trying to get some clarifying comments on what for sure is way off the Politically Correct spectrum. My Mother could give a hoot about being politically correct and my friend in Thailand could give a hoot. They both have good intentions and very easily are capable of weighing a person by their intentions.

My friend in Thailand called me the White Gorilla, she referred to me at the White Gorilla and that she is going to Kick me. So what is up with that? Kick me, girls should kick person and men cannot kick girls, I am going to kick her also, I do not care, I will kick her butt… Note, relax it will only be a light kick and just enough, she needs a good kick for telling my mother I am a White Gorilla. Now what happens I had to try to explain to my mother why she calls me a White Gorilla.

It started because I told her she was a Monkey, her nose is like a Monkey, she needs more hair on her arms and however she does sit on her haunches or squats like a Monkey. She proceed to jut out her jaw and make Monkey noises, she then pulled the hair on my arms and said, “White Gorilla.”

I said, Master of Monkey, BIG APE, not Gorilla, however we was having fun and she is brown and I am white, therefore more of White Gorilla. It does annoy me when she sits down on her haunches or squats. It make me feel too tall and Masteful and she has this really annoying habit of walking behind me, I now got this stopped she has decided to walk in front of me. I think this is better, I need the humility.

Nonetheless in what world can a person kick a girl and call here a Monkey, I am would have some girl in the USA hot. Who cares, both her and me are just playing, we do not care.

My Mother asked about Buddhist and she sent five things that represent Buddhism and she wanted to know about Christmas. Sent my Mother a Christmas gift, these two just cannot get with the program, they do not understand what the world is teaching in the world of stupid politically correct. You are supposed to keep you mouth shut, pretend everyone is exactly the same and ignore the differences.

My Mother just said,
“Seemed like 5 of the Ten Commandments.”

I said,
“Ah, they are the same, just different channels.”

I could care less about the rules, I just look for the good Gods, so both of them are talking about the same Good Gods to me, the rules are the same, the words are the same, just the rules are different. Same on the Islamic, Hindu, Jewish or other rule makers.

The true believer seem small in numbers they just do not care, I know my Mother is happy because she believes. I am not sure my Mother knows, she just knows or believes in the good of people.

I can say some really harsh comments, maybe I should apologize for talking to myself, I sometimes wish I had never left the USA, there is no real benefit to my overwhelming happiness to understand the planet. It is not like I am going to change people and teach to weigh person by their intentions. When I say some harsh comments I am warning myself to be aware, there are Dragons out there and when I get to the end of the world I will be expected to slay them. I feel it is my responsibility to keep the path, to remember the way to where I need to go. It is the temptations of use White Gorillas to go here and there, I am just some over grown Monkey myself.

The true believer get along easily, no arguments, something about a brother to brother sister and sister and all of the same family.

If this annoys a person I would think it would be obvious why… hehehe