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Travel Blog Confusion

2005-12-18 20:57:00

Travel Journal Confusion
Monday December 19, 2005, 8:17 AM

I am thinking about what I am doing, maybe some would say I am thinking too much.

This morning I went down stairs and had this very good breakfast in the Yasmin Pension here on Arquiza Street here in the Ermita Area of Manila. The cost was 80 Pesos or about 1.50 U.S. Dollars for what they call the American Breakfast. I personally have no idea how you can label the Breakfast American and for sure I do not know what that includes, however it did include two pieces of toast, two eggs, coffee and very well down bacon. The reason it is a great breakfast is because if you ask for the eggs and bacon to be well done they are cooked well done. I find this one of the most difficult projects I have ever encountered. How to get egg cooked well done? How to get my bacon cooked well done? I am very afraid of meat outside the USA and Pork makes me a big wimp, I may have eaten Bacon five times in the last 9 years outside the USA and for sure I would not eat it unless it was well done.

As for the over well eggs, cooked very well, cooked until the egg yolk are all the way solid, I can say this all in Spanish and they will not bring it to me in any of the Latino Countries, most of Asia just does not care. The Yasmin morning breakfast does this if I ask, it is amazing. I was in this place called the Audussie for in Puerto Princesa for about 7 days in total and they just could not get with the program. I tried every day there, and on them I tried my best to compromise and have the bread toasted. It is amazing a the ability of the developing countries to ignore a person.

Nonetheless, I have discovered they will also put three morning papers on the table for us to read. I am not sure what they are up to in this small Hotel, it like they want me to be happy. If they got rid of the cats and the smell of cats I would be in Heaven.

Nonetheless, what cause me the blog confusion is the fact I actually got to read a newspaper in English. There was about three articles about blogs, or people who are blogging, on Priest who is starting to blog, one interview of a blogger an many other nutty things about blogs.

I find blog extremely difficult to read as all the bloggers believe the world has an ATOM or RSS feed ability to read. The bottom line is a traveler normally walks into an internet caf� and they do not have these toys. So they just wiped off about 80 percent of the planets ability to read them if they also do not send them as a newsletter.

But here I am, getting to read about blogs, amazing information, I know nothing about blogs, the only one I know is mine, I do try sometime to monitor some, however it always requires I have time on the internet. I am starting to believe I am one of the least Internet connected persons on the planet.

I am realizing and confused, I keep being literal, I thought a blog was just a log of my thoughts posted on the internet. Reading these articles made me think, they seem to have blogs to propagandize their views. Use the forum to market their schemes or ideas.

Provoking thoughts.

I write provocative thought to the never never land of the internet, they are not directed very often at a person, mostly I try to go after CNN and BBC, and after that I do not care, I do not like Journalist and would like have them learn some ethics. However I am just a guy with opinions.

However I will say a thought, a real thought, not trying to provoke, except for trying to go after CNN and BBC. Some person who I do not know, reads it then come after me in an email. Dave gave me some great advice, if they call you names then just delete, therefore I just delete the ones that start out with name calling.

Next there is the backward insult, I have learned they also do not deserve attention, however I do read all of these and ask myself,

�Is the person right, are they making a good point?�

Now, this is where I stop, just because they make a good point does not mean they deserve an answer, especially when I am just about to tell them why they do not know what they are talking about. I can change my pants, I cannot change people.

Sometime or usually if you read my reply to comments is I want to add extra to a comment or agree, I hope to not get provoked into replying.

I am very happy because blogger put on this moderate comments things and I totally can avoid making a forum for arguments.

I had my friend John say,


This is like the number one rule of Journalist, make it controversial, or I guess they try to support some controversial or argumentative thought.

For instance or example:

I can say,

�I like President Bush and think he is a noble Character.�

That does not mean I do not disagree with him, however I still like him. This almost always elicits some person that hates him to write. I often point out to Europeans why the President was reelected was because a Majority of American like him, just because the not so silent types talk does not mean he was not supported.

My blog is just me thinking I do not go back and change things, this means I also ramble, make bad subject and such.

However travel is the subject of my blog, however maybe better to say my personal thought I post or think about while traveling. I think maybe I only talk about travel about 30 percent of the blog.

Working on my webpage and trying to solve travel questions make me focus a little on travel.

I believe blogger want to be famous, this is a motivation to lie, I suppose they believe being famous will make them loved or they will get more women or men, they will be the life of the party.

I personally test out fame, I can say something about the size of my site, try to explain, beat them side the head and they still do think I am just nothing. They have to read it in a papers something. I keep laughing and thinking about my friend that paid 2500 Dollars U.S. to have an Article written and published in Rolling Stones Magazine.

I read article in Magazines Like �Conde Nast.� and think to myself, I think every article in these magazine the company had to pay to have them written an published. I think many of the travel magazines just sell article space. Pay us money and we will write an article about you that make you look great. We are available to mislead the public as you wish.

Now, I suppose I want to tell you about the Yasmin, I sort of like the place, I do not like the smell of Cat Piss, however I can live with that, I do not like out front are some really rank smells, however my experience is this is Manila, it a dirty place, it had many pile of trash on most corners and finding a begger is so easy, it is ridiculous. The Arquiza street where is located the Yasmin has some big piles of trash, hookers and many other unsavory things, however this is Manila, it if full of this type of things.

I am 60 percent in favor or the Philippines and 40 percent thinking this is the biggest bunch of scammers on the earth and challenges Mexico in the lead for corruption.

But here I am just randomly thinking, sad as it may seem, this must be an attraction to people, I think some people really believe I am just saying or typing what I think. This is exactly what I do, blogging is the easiest part of my website, it take little brain wave to just randomly type. Being a real person is easy for me, however I am not sure what these other blogger agenda is and am curious what are they doing?