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Streets of Manila Photos

2005-12-11 20:59:00

Streets of Manila Photos

Manila Drunk

This drunk sat down in the street on Adriatico Street in the Malate part of Manila, he was almost directly in front of the Malate Pension or the Friendly Guesthouse. He sat there for about one hour and never left, there is very few police during the day and I have no idea what he was doing. This is not common as drunks and beggars normally stay out of the street, unless they are sleeping. He was awake and just sitting here; this means more of crazy to me and not just drunk. I was a little worried about him as the cars do not even move over to allow him to sit, defensive driving or taking care for people walking in the streets does not happens in the Philippines, so walking and sitting in the road can be dangerous.

Beggar Philippines

On the way to the Airport to fly from Manila to Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island in the Philippines, this beggar child came up and looked in the window. The child puts his hands to his face saying he is hungry. I offered some food or bread I was eating the other day to one and they turned me down, they want money, not food. I am immune to these children and believe a good country will solve this problem. Tourist should not solve it. This just enables the country to avoid their responsibility to their people because it paid for by outsiders.

Begging is always a moral dilemma however not as big as you think. Either a person learns to ignore these people or they go home. Sound pretty jaded, however the world is full of beggars and people who are willing to ask you to support them, even in the USA people want free money and are not afraid to ask or take.