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Scanning Travel Guidebooks

2005-12-02 23:20:00

Travel Guidebooks

Friday December 2, 2005, 6:26 AM
Manila, Philippines

I am sad and frustrated.

I received this email from Ameen of Indus International.

Dear Andy;

I looked at the copyright statement on the book and I have scanned the page from it for you. It is attached. We will not scan this book for you because it will violate the copy right.

Please obtain permission in writing from the publisher and then we will scan it for you if you do get permission. Even though you state it is for personal use, you should still have permission from publisher for us to scan it for you.

Best regards,

Ameen Ayoob

I call this person from Bangkok Thailand and ask about having Guidebooks Scanned, He first recommended I do them in Thailand, a good or generous tip, however I said I do not live in Thailand and cannot do this. He wanted to know what I am doing with these books. I said both Research and to use them as a guidebooks. I told him I am Travel Journalger, or maybe you could say Travel Writer. I hate to use the term Travel Writer or the word �Writer� with my name. It connotes that I am a good writer, I am not a good writer, I am just a person that types into a computer and have created a following of sorts.

However the size of the voice is getting bigger.

How I was laughing when I heard his voice when I called him, I thought it was an Indian voice, I was calling the USA to get the good old USA service with a smile and pay way too much for anything type business. However there is some high tech stuff there so I can save money through technology.

Well, the bottom line is we had a discussion, he asked me if I got permission from the Publishers, I said no, and was not going to use this for that.

I called him a second time saying that I was not going to send books from Khao San Road as I first thought I was going to buy from and have them shipped directly to him. Khao San Road has the greatest collection of Guidebooks on the planet maybe in one place, however almost zero new books.

I need to buy the next five months or year of guidebooks to have all the possible guidebooks I need or want. I like guidebooks and do not like to search on the internet. I feel I get a 10 time better knowledge of a countries Hotels with a guidebook at 10 time faster speed.

This was my hot Idea, I though I would send this book to him, I blogged on this but cannot find the link presently because I do not have a connection in my room. So I was going to test his service. I am already worried about Quality because I do not believe a person from Asia does the same quality of work as a person from the USA. The cultures just do not know what the word perfect means, and Ameen is from Packistan and India is very much like Pakistans in culture.

Here is a joke about India.

�I go Banged a lore�

Bangalore is one of the techie or computer cities of India and may companies have got banged by using the India techies. I am in presently trying to find workers from India and Philippines, one reason I am in the Philippines presently. It is totally cost prohibitive, I cannot make enough money to pay Americans to make websites and stay in business. However I have been to both India and Philippines and know I need to interview of get lucky to find workers. I must interview 100 workers probably to find one that maybe will work, because of the culture.

OK. I thought I will risk 100 dollars USA to buy the books and then 150 dollar for him to scan, I thought I really want to have good guidebooks. Oh yes, Ameen got nervous when I asked him if he did the OCR or Character optimization of books, he says why do you want it. I said I want to search for words in the documents and move around easy. I can search for words like Bangalore if I was using an India guidebook and it would pop strait down a 1000 page book to the word. Much faster than trying to search through graphic images.

I am frustrated. I was up front honest, and do not want to cause problems for either Lonely Planet or Indus International. He seems to answer the phone so not as big as it sounds. However I am wanting to have a library of guidebooks. YOU got any idea, how a person with a backpack is suppose to have a library of all the guidebooks he has purchased. I have been to 65 plus countries I have purchase many guidebooks about 30 percent new and the other used.

I wrote Ameen three times on his contact form and finally got him to send his personal email, he does not respond to the contact form good so I wanted to have his personal email.

[email protected]

Aaagh, I am going to stop typing, He has the one new guidebook from and the two used ones I purchase on are on the way to his business. He want me contact Lonely Planet and get permission to scan guidebooks. I also really probably need the permission to scan from the writers.

I wrote Ameen yesterday and said I would write or he could write a letter saying this information was copyrighted and I he had informed me of this and I was agree to not distribute or use or put on the internet or anything he wished to protect himself.

This is crap, he knows or knew that the books are copyrighted. I gave him three phone calls to get through his head I am serious. I sent him the book and sent the notices saying when the books would arrive.

HE is cost me 100 dollars because he was irresponsible.

Ameen Ayoob
Indus International, Inc.
Indus MIS, Inc.
340 South Oak Street
West Salem, WI 54669
(800) 843-9377 or (608) 786-0300
(608) 786-0786 Fax

I am here in Manila, Philippines and will soon go to the Island of Palawan. I have a guidebook this time I purchased used in Bangkok for 5 U.S.A. Dollars, It was very hard to find. Guidebooks can be a very big expense for me, a real kick in my budget, I normally purchase the whole continent type Lonely Planets. For example the Lonely Planet South America I have probably purchased five of, every time I leave or go back I have to find one in South America when I arrive or buy one before I leave wherever I am at, maybe in Europe. When I am leaving from the USA it is easy, I can go to and buy one and have sent to my house.

I stopped and did not clean this, no spell checking, tired of thinking about this guy Ameen.