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Sabang Rain

2005-12-11 21:08:00

Sabang Rain
Thursday December 8, 2005, 6:37 AM

I took a Jeepney from Puerto Princesa to Sabang, the location of the UNESCO Underground Rivers or rives in caves.

The Jeepney cost 150 Pesos and there are must be three types of trips here per day. 7-9 and I am not sure.

The trip was about 2-3 hours and very good, not a bad trip, culturally interesting; however, the small jeepney is hard to see out of and would have like to been in a bigger bus that was on the second trip. They say they only leave when they are full, so this could be a problem.

It was cloudy yesterday and it is raining very hard now, it is very early at 6:42 am, therefore it will probably burn off as the sun rises and leave. I am trying to figure out where the sun is located in the Philippines as so far the clouds have enveloped all of the locations I have been. Most everyday in Manila it has rained, I have not seen much sunny weather.

I am in Roberts Bungalows, there is a place called Marys in the Lonely Planet Guidebook and all of the travelers walk down there like sheep and check in, they do not even stop along the way to see if there is other choice. I walked down there because all of the locals asked,

�Are you going to Marys?�

I finally said yes and walked the 10-20 minute walk to the place, it was hot when I arrive and it is behind this knob of rock on the cost, it seem to slow down any possibility of a breeze, plus outside the loop of the small village. Marys is far enough down the beach you would have to be very motivated to want to walk at night from Marys to the small restaurants. I truthfully believe that every tourist almost in the area will be leave today if they can, there is not much to do and the water is not inviting at all.

All the Hotels seem to be the same prices 450-500 and a cheaper room without toilet for 250, the choice for me was either a breeze off the ocean and close to the village. I am right on the beach and can walk out and be on the beach, there is not really a difference, right now it is very cold here so I have both blankets on me as I type, the other less exposed locations would be warmer.

Dab Dab is the name of a German Unique Restaurant, it is nice and I met a person by the name of Mike we went down there and ate last night. It has three bungalows and they are very beautiful, for sure, the best I have seen. 500 is the same as I am paying and they are better.

Dab Dab so far is the best quality of room.

Roberts is Second

Marys is third, the rooms are older and bleaker.

However the only one that has many people is Mary�s, I guess that is not true, there of the cabins in Roberts has tourist, Mike, a Korean Couple and Me.

The electricity is only on between 6:00 and 10:00 although many people may have private generators, however there is presently no Electricity and I am working off my computer battery.

The ride from Puerto Princesa to Sabang is nice, I really enjoyed the trip, I hope to go see the Underground River today and then maybe go to Port Barton, and I hope a little bigger place and less deserted. I was cracking on Mike and asking,

�Where is you Philippines Girls in tow?�

There is a assumed status that you will have a Philippines girl with you, everyone ask, including the women,

�Where is you Philippine girl?�

It is morally suspicious question as there are so many bar girls or semi-pro prostitutes that in the Philippines as it has cross over from some type of Sin to be a Prostitute maybe to a job position in these Island. What do you say to a old woman in the Jeepney that is asking where your Philippine girls is, she knows and I know the only girls around that you can snag in one day in Puerto Princesa is a semi-pro prostitute.

However she persist in asking,

�Why didn�t you bring one from Puerto Princesa?�

The nice girl versus semi-pro prostitute situation has cross or blended in the Philippines it appears to now where it seems to me there is not a stigma on the girls when they work in a bar. Then I hear stories about the nice girls hiding or holding off for marriage, it is mess.

Mike has traveled the whole world, he is a helping to contract some 1300 Philippine workers into Iraq to work and build in the country. He was in the Vietnam War and is has been to so many countries I think he make me look like I have never went anywhere. He is from the USA and knows a lot, about 58 years old. He has worked and traveled, in the books by the Drifters of James Micheners he writes about a group of Expats called the Jobbers I believe.

There is this sub-set of travelers who work on oil wells, or maybe in strange jobs like arranging to buy lumber or big contracts for construction. I suppose there is many sub-contractors in the world like Mike that serve the Army Needs as they travel around the planet. Nonetheless, there is this group of traveler-workers that make a lot of money, not just a little, an extreme amount of money in comparison to their needs. If you do not have a home, you do not need money. The big expenses are car, house, and filling up the house with stuff. These jobbers will flop or end up all over the word in small center or Expats locations; they will be rich men in poor countries.

I am not sure what will happen today, Mike wants to take either a boat or a Jeepney to Port Barton, I am in favor of a boat, however presently it is miserable outside. We were or are going to the caves at 8:00 am, I am not sure, and it is very rainy outside the room and not a great day so far. I am tenuous in talking about the weather on the islands. It is possible in the tropics to rain and stop suddenly and the sun become extremely sunny and nice.

I am hoping to leave today, however a little rushed for me, if we go to the underground river caves and then to Port Barton the day will be extremely busy for me, I am not used to moving the whole day and avoid an eight hour tourist days if possible. I am on my eight to forty hour bus trips or travel trips, however I do not do this of free choice, it is more or less no choice, the only good option. Today is different as I can go to the river today and go to Port Barton tomorrow.

I will play passive and let Mike make the decisions, he is sort of West Point, blah blah, very relaxed, however very persuasive in ways of doing things. Interesting in how he maneuvers or controls situations. A true expert in management in a way, I do not like to plan these more mundane things like arranging boat, or jeepneys so I will allow anyone to take over on these types of trips.

Mike is quite a personality, has traveled, and knows enough about politics and the government of these USA to really have some clear opinions. We discussed Iraq and the whole world as how it interrelates last night. There are zero girls around, and the Dab Dab restaurant has only one more German guy, the Karaoke bar had 6 Philippines so there was nobody to stop or keep us from talking. There was nothing to do but talk.

I need to make a decision right now, pack and try to take a shower. A dip shower is all that is available, however it is going to be cold. There is no electricity so no way to heat water for coffee or for a shower. I am in need of a shower so I am going to freeze and do it.