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Sabang Philippines Cultural Conundrum

2005-12-11 20:59:00

Sabang Philippines Cultural Conundrum
Wednesday December 7, 2005, 5:35 AM

The Philippines is an Island Paradise or I am thinking and believing it is, I am not sure. The problem is this, there is four five major types of tourist in the Philippines.

1. Philippine Tourist
2. Korean Tourist
3. Japanese Tourist
4. Couples from miscellaneous countries, not any dominance, more or less cultural or want to really see the planet travelers.

5. Men coming to see women.
6. Scuba Divers

1. word puzzle: a riddle, especially one with an answer in the form of a play on words
2. something confusing: something puzzling, confusing, or mysterious

The puzzle here is this, none of these people really like the sun, I suppose the couples could and so could the scuba divers, however not really. Therefore I keep looking for a beach with people laying on the beach. I can guarantee in Puerto Princesa it is not obvious where the beach is located. I took a taxi or asked the taxi to take me to "White Beach" here in Puerto Princesa, however he took me to "White Beach Resort." I did not even walk around, as the taxi driver took me down a long road or path and I was afraid it was going to rain. I would then never find a taxi out of this barren place and have to walk back in the rain in misery. We drove on the motorcycle cart taxi quite away, I never felt like we went near the beach or water.

Tourism may be even smaller here than I thought; I am going to the core tourist places here today to check. Sabang, it is a place where there is underground rivers in caves and a UNESCO site or a World Heritage Site. There should be some travelers there, however I am getting weak. I met one couple here or an older man with a ponytail with a Philippi no girl. Most of the couple are this, a white man with a Philippine girl.

I was asking last night the persons that work in the Hotel, where are the beaches. Now to me this means sun and suntan, lying around on a beach. To an Asia person this is anywhere there is a coast and the can swim. Swimming is somewhat boring after about one-half hour and sitting around on a beach, tanning and taking in the sun has to dominate the day. One man Dean named after Dean Martin is very helpful, he is from the Philippines however really does not understand a beach. He is just very helpfully repeating what is normal for travelers.

I want a beach to lie around on and read my book, cooking in the sun, a place to absorb the energy I receive from the sun.

I am cooking water presently in a the pail in the toilet, this Hotel does not have hot water, very strange, the hotel has Air and Color TV however no Hot Water. I really like hot water and my one cup coffee maker is heating about 2.5 gallons I would guess so I can take a dip shower. It is about done.

I am leaving at 6:00 to go to the Bus Terminal or maybe a Jeepney terminal, I am not clear, the guidebook says the buses leave at 7:00, however there may be so few, they do not leave until they are full, the man Dean says or asked a guy and said they leave when they are full at 8:00. I am just going to sit around and look a people, I like to look at people and my gut says, there is some interesting traffic or person moving around the country of the Philippines, some real characters.